25 Classy Ways to Rock 80's Punk Look Fashion | Aesthetic Punk Style

25 Classy Ways to Rock 80's Punk Look Fashion | Aesthetic Punk Style


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A straightforward ensemble of ripped jeans, a pair of black combat boots, and a vintage band t-shirt has some merit. Wearing your favorite bands on a shirt is one of the finest ways to exhibit your unique choices. The essence of punk is all about self-expression.

Focus on simple attire that deviates from the conventional when dressing punk. For instance, a typical guy's wardrobe may consist of black pants, a bullet belt, a leather jacket, leather studs, and a plain T-shirt. Similar attire is worn by girls, however they may also wear mesh and patterned tops.

10 Cute 80's Punk Rock Outfit Ideas for Female

1. High-top boots, leather, and tartan

Tartan, leather, and clunky boots are frequently the first things that come to mind when we think of punk, especially British punk. The punk fashion diva Vivienne Westwood both wore tartan personally and used it in her creations.

In her 1988 Time Machine collection, she designed complete tartan skirts with fitted jackets and wore full tartan costumes with bondage-style straps.

A pop-punk music diva, Cyndi Lauper, also embraced tartan with her over-the-top costumes that featured layered textiles and endless rows of beaded necklaces. Male punk rockers frequently wore sleeveless shirts, tight, cropped bondage-style tartan pants, leather jackets, and high-top laced black boots.

2. Fishnets, feminine jewelry, studded leather accessories, and graphic cosmetics

Along with the punk mainstay of studded leather, the 1980s saw a lot of fishnet mesh, which was most fiercely worn by Siouxsie Sioux. Her fishnet-covered arms and legs, leather vest, chunky studded leather bracelets, and thigh-high, lace-up boots are what many most associate with her goth-punk style.

Siouxsie Sioux's makeup was extremely artistic and graphic, with strong, angular, blocky black shadow and liner painted on her face. Beki Bondage, a punk musician, also embraced the fishnet and studded leather trends, although her appearance had a more feminine edge.

For instance, she colored her hair a daring shade of candy pink and sported short mini skirts with tight waistcoats to show off her killer body.

3. Dark lipstick, spiky black mops, and pink mohawks

Female punk beauty trends in the 1980s frequently included dyed hair styled into a mohawk, black lipstick, and graphic blush and eye makeup in shades of yellow and red that was widely applied to the face.

With her brightly colored cosmetics and red and orange dyed hair, Cyndi Lauper is the clear inspiration for this. However, lesser-known bands like Vice Squad, whose guitarist and vocalist Beki Bondage had spiky-frizzy blue or pink locks depending on the day, enjoyed the dyed-hair appearance.

4. Converse, big shirts, tees, waistcoats, and ripped denim jeans

Layers upon layers of leather, studs, tartan, and mohawks were not always the hallmarks of punk. Sometimes it was combined with grunge-rock fashion to form a hybrid, which was famously worn by the legendary punk rocker and female role model Patti Smith.

Although she was punk, her look was more grungy and gentler, with elements of menswear like shirts, ties, and waistcoats. This kind of punk is characterized by ripped jeans, loose-fitting t-shirts, billowing white shirts, waistcoats, leather jackets, and white Converse shoes that are dirty from attending punk rock shows every night.

Sleater Kinney's Carrie Brownstein and The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde both rocked this ensemble like the complete queens they were in the 1990s (and still are).

5. Get piercings

The number of body piercings that punks have compared to non-punks is one of the most noticeable but distinct differences between the two groups.

Because it is not only inconspicuous but also has the ability to beautifully frame the face, teenagers who wish to experiment with punk fashion frequently begin by getting an eyebrow piercing.

6. Wear Mohawks

Mohawks are frequently connected to the metalhead subculture, but they are also one of the most enduring symbols of punk fashion. It was popularized by punks in the 1970s and is still widely worn today.

The use of black and other gloomy hues, as well as the music, unifies all of these elements. Punk fashion is more about expressing yourself via your clothing and bonding with people over a shared passion than it is about how outrageous you can seem on the outside.

7. Gothic Punk Lace

This adorable, yet yet edgy, combination of baby pink and gothic punk lace has that edge we all adore about punk culture. Put on some vintage studded biker boots and a pretty petticoat to complete the outfit.

When ladies dress up like this, guys adore them. They have a bad girl feel, and most guys adore having and controlling a bad lady.

8. Punk Rock Chick

For those days when you just want to seem as sweet as you are fierce, this ensemble including velvet and studs is perfect. For a little extra edge, we adore this outfit with lace-up biker boots and a black choker.

You seem tough when you're dressed like this, and nobody should bother you. This outfit will work for you if that is the look you are aiming for.

9. Pale Blue Punk

This autumnal fashion trend of light blue punk is one that we really like. With a pair of cargo trousers and some white shoes, it makes the ideal edgy and charming combination.

Choose your favorite choker to complete the outfit! A small girl will seem deadly in this outfit because of how well it fits.

10. Punk Queen

Lace-up biker boots, tartan, and a faux leather jacket make the ideal punk queen outfit! We adore this all-black look for the hottest trends of the season. You will stand out above all other clothes if you dress like this. You'll be the party's devious queen. 

10 Chic 80's Punk Rock Outfit Ideas for Men

1. Doc Martens

Although Docs have been around since the 1940s, they really got their footing in the UK's underground youth culture in the 1970s and 1980s.  

The high-top boots were designed to serve a purpose; they had a unique sole cushioning that provided more support than the typical fashion shoe, but their sleek, shiny exterior made them go well with the 80s punk look. 

2. Chains

Chains, a common component of punk fashion, are a simple method to play with edgy components without really delving in. One of the core components of punk style, which we briefly touched on in the opening, was its DIY spirit.  

The goal was to be as creative as you could while using the least amount of resources. You were probably effectively following punk trends if you could pull together an entire ensemble without spending much money (or, preferably, without spending any money at all).  

As punk as it gets, it's possible that the first individuals to wear chains did so after discovering them in a garage or tool shed.  

3. Ripped jeans

Another universally popular trend is ripped jeans, however when worn in a punk style, they are typically made of a ragged black jean fabric with rips down the length of the trouser leg. Naturally, it makes no sense to purchase jeans that are designed to be this way.  

Giving an old pair of jeans a few tears is much more acceptable than searching through the local thrift shop for a pair that are already torn. The better, the more rips. 

4. Plaid

One of the most adaptable items of clothing is the flannel shirt, which can be worn as a mainstay in a variety of looks, from hipster to country. Plaid shirts look best undone and with the sleeves torn off in the punk fashion realm. 

Plaid pants, if you can find them, can also be a great way to round off an ensemble. These pants, which are made by sewing together two distinct colors, are a fantastic example of DIY fashion. 

5. Band shirts

Although many punk fashion components may appear to be quite dramatic and overdone, the look can also be as straightforward as you choose. A straightforward ensemble of ripped jeans, a pair of black combat boots, and a vintage band t-shirt has some merit. 

Wearing your favorite bands on a shirt is one of the best ways to display your unique choices. The essence of punk is all about self-expression.

6. Black leather jackets

A black leather jacket is a classic clothing item, much like plaid. Put some patches or fabric samples on a black leather jacket for a quick and simple punk look. 

This not only gives it that unique touch of personality, but it also allows you to communicate a particular viewpoint that you truly believe in. Another choice is to locate a spike-adorned jacket.

7. Patches

A patch can be used to customize a jacket or plaid shirt, as we have discussed, but we think it's important enough to punk fashion to need its own area. Actually, punk patches may be anything you want them to be.

Any norm that applies in punk culture is one that should be disregarded, after all. What part of an old t-shirt or tote bag particularly appeals to you? By cutting them out and stitching them on another article of clothing, you can make your own patches. There are several options available here.

8. Safety pins

Recall how we said that the hallmark of punk clothing is its utilization of materials that can be found around the house? Some of the most common home objects that many of us keep stashed in our desk drawers are safety pins.

Attach a safety pin to your shirt or slacks for a style that shouts "rebellious" right away.

9. Kilts

While kilts are most famous for being the uniform of bagpipe players, the punk scene has also adopted them. What could be more boundary-pushing than skirts for men? That is one of the basic tenets of this fringe fashion phenomenon.

A kilt is a fantastic method to draw attention to yourself and demonstrate that you're not scared to dress out of the ordinary.

10. Leather pants

It would be rude of us to neglect to include the leather pant, the upper body counterpart to the leather jacket.

We just showed you how a leather jacket may enhance a punk jacket. The tighter, the better when it comes to leather pants.

5 Pop Punk Outfits

1. Plaid Pop Punk Fashion Outfits

The most common print in pop-punk clothing is plaid. Plaids may be found practically anywhere in this aesthetic, whether they are on tiny skirts, dresses, jeans, or jackets. And who better to look to for inspiration than the original pop-punk princess? 

With her album Love Sux, Avril Lavigne made a significant comeback by returning to her rocker roots. Her promo images, which feature plaid micro skirts, graphic t-shirts, and platform boots, are strikingly evocative of her Girlfriend period.

2. Leather outfit

Even the most recent K-pop bands are experimenting with pop-punk. In their lead single, TOMBOY, (G)I-DLE displayed a chiller side of themselves. In addition to their powerful vocals, the song video is a feast for fans of pop-punk or grunge fashion. 

The members appear tremendously brazen and edgy while wearing a leather jacket. The tie is a great addition, too. Punk is all about breaking the rules of fashion, after all.

3. Pop Punk Fashion Outfits With Ripped Knit Sweater

Meanwhile, Jungkook fully embraces the punk fashion aesthetic with a grungier ensemble.  

Forget about the cute sweater-weather look, because the more rips and holes your pullover has, the better. He completes the look with a matching pair of black jeans and shoes to coordinate with the stripes of his sweater.  

4. Graphic t-shirt outfits in pop punk fashion

Even with their Japanese Chaotic Wonderland album, TXT maintained their rebellious style, albeit with a somewhat cuter touch. Beomgyu appears to be the ideal rocker dude you would crush on in high school. 

His look is influenced by skate-punk fashion, with oversized T-shirts, ripped jeans, and Vans shoes. 

5. Eyeliner Smudged/Strong Smokey Eye

Do you want to unleash your inner punk? Then use a black eyeshadow stick or eyeliner pencil to color your lids for a dramatic smokey eye. But you can also choose a bold eyeliner wing if the sloppy smokey look is a little too much for you. 

How Do You Dress Like An 80s Punk?

If you've ever wondered how to dress like an 80s punk, this article is for you. The vintage look of the 80s punk era has made its way back into modern fashion. It's easy to find things similar to what people wore 30 years ago, but it doesn't mean they'll work with your body type or personal style. In this guide, I'll show you how to get a classic 80s-punk look without sacrificing your personal style!

1. Doc Martens

Doc Martens were the most popular choice for 80s punk fashion. They were durable, comfortable, and easy to find in various colors and styles. You can still find them today, but they're more expensive than they used to be.

If you want an authentic 80s punk look without spending hundreds on shoes, try finding some leather boots with a similar cut or go with Converse Chuck Taylors instead (though these are less "punk" than Docs).

2. Plaid

Plaid was a massive part of 80s punk fashion. Plaid shirts, jackets, pants, and even socks were worn by punks worldwide. If you want an authentic 80s-punk look, try wearing a plaid button-up shirt with some ripped jeans or leather pants.

If you want to make an outfit more unique, try wearing some plaid socks with your shoes instead of regular socks. It'll look just as good and will give you a punk rocker vibe.

3. Ripped Jeans

Punks wore so many different types of clothing in the 80s, including ripped jeans. These jeans were usually worn with a black leather belt and some Doc Martens boots. If you're looking to get an authentic 80s punk look, try finding some ripped jeans at your local thrift store or online.

They don't have to be designer brands either-any pair will work as long as they aren't too worn out or damaged beyond repair.

4. Black Leather Jackets

A classic punk look, the black leather jacket is an essential part of the 80s punk style. You can wear it with ripped jeans or a pair of plaid pants for a more classic look. If you want to get an authentic 80s punk look, it's best to find a black leather jacket that has chains hanging from the sleeves and epaulets. You can also choose to wear any type of jacket as long as it's black-denim jackets or bomber jackets are both popular choices for this style.

5. Band Tees

A band tee is a classic punk outfit. You can wear any type of t-shirt as long as it's black or white and has the logo of one or more bands printed on it. You can also choose to wear a plain black or white t-shirt, but this isn't as popular in the 80s punk style because it doesn't have any character.

The best thing about the 80s punk style is that it's easy to get into and doesn't require much effort. If you're looking for a way to be unique, try wearing this style around town!


Many individuals nowadays still take pleasure in listening to punk music, attending punk shows, and dressed in a manner reminiscent of the punks of the past.

Punks frequently appear in torn jeans or shorts, combat boots, leather jackets with studded belts from their favorite bands on the front, and a variety of other accessories. When it comes to designing your punk clothing, there are several clear guidelines you should stick to.

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