15 Essential Traits that Make Every Man Attractive

15 Essential Traits that Make Every Man Attractive


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Male attractiveness is subject to preferences by individuals. There is no fixed set of traits that all women or men find attractive in men. But, some basic traits are key to male attraction. For instance, everybody loves a good sense of humor. But not everybody finds a muscular build as attractive as some other folks.

make a male attraction

Traits of male attractiveness can be based on physical looks. Some women find men with hairy faces attractive. Others prefer more fine details like eye shape or color. Other facial properties like cheekbone, facial hair, nose shape, and other physicalities. Broad chest and height are also in the mix for physical traits. Many ladies are seeking tall men with sporty gaits.

Another basis for male attraction is personality traits. These are more intrinsic traits that many people consider to be more important than physical looks. Men can easily alter their physique but not as much with personality. This is why many consider these traits more attractive than looks. Here we talk about characteristics like honesty, discipline, gratitude, kindness, and so on.

Being attractive for some people is about intelligence. Sapiosexual ladies find highly intelligent men attractive beyond all other traits. It is the intelligence that these classes of people consider the most important of traits. There are various definitions of male attractiveness. This article compiles 15 traits that are considered attractive by different degrees.

What is considered attractive in a male

What is considered attractive in a male?

What is considered attractive in males has been stated to be subjective. But some traits are usually talked about. See this list of ten traits women consider attractive under these two headings of physical and spiritual traits.

Physical Traits for Male Attractiveness

Sporty Physique and Fitness

Being healthy in look is one attractive thing. The look can be deceiving is what they say but a sporty body with a moderate muscular build is an attractive trait for men. You spend more time in the gym to tune up your muscles.

Sporty Physique and Fitness

Asides from signing up at a gym, you can form daily routines that help your physique. Many men are constantly jogging or walking in the morning. Fitness is a very attractive trait. Feeding well, quality rest, and fluid consumption is also important for this trait asides from exercising.

Sense of Style

consider style to increase male attractiveness

The dressing is one thing that can elevate the attraction game of men. Wearing nice clothes and shows cannot go unnoticed. It is not about being expensive, but nice combinations in most cases. Ensure to wear clean, well-ironed clothes that are suitable for your body size. Grooming is also found under this trait.

Clothing accessories like watches, chains, and bracelets are also considered attractive in some quarters. Wearing a nice cologne is also a good way to have male attractiveness. Nobody hates a good sense of Style, it is pretty cool to look good.

Good Hair

Women love men with hair. Facial hair is attractive to a good percentage of women. It is not just about having hair, there is a lot to how you take care of the hair. Having a clean, nice haircut is more attractive for males than just having it all bushy. Some love to see men with beards. It is usually the short beards that are attractive.

Few ladies and men do find bald and shaved heads attractive. For some, hair growth is a sign of healthiness. So it is an extra feather in the cap of a man to have good hair.


This is a very relative attribute that depends on several things. Handsomeness is a combination of facial attributes, the smile, jawline, brows, dentition, and facial shape. All of these are traits of attraction that can combine to make a man handsome.

Handsomeness make male attractiveness

It is quite hard to define handsomeness in a single statement. It is usually said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So it is for handsomeness as well. A handsome person usually has a fine smile, a nice set of teeth, lovely brows, and a cute face shape.


Tall males are in high demand. A large percentage of women are attracted to tall men. This may be because the height gives a feeling of physical strength and cover. There is a common specification amongst young ladies, they are always searching for a Tall and handsome man.

Spiritual/Personality Traits for Male Attractiveness

Spiritual/Personality Traits for Male Attractiveness


The trait of honesty is a very attractive one in males. This is a spiritual or rather a personality trait that believes in being true and real. An honest person does not lie, or cheat, he says things as they are. Women and men alike find this high level of moral standard quite attractive in men. Being straightforward and upright are traits that every man should embrace.

honesty is a very attractive one in males

Honesty breeds trust and confidence. Women love to associate with honest men because they can be free and secure with them. One of the primary things that females seek is security, so they see such with honest men. They know he will not change his words tomorrow. Honesty is a very important trait for male attraction.


Living with a sense of direction and focus is a key factor in attractiveness. People find someone that knows what he is doing lovable. A purposeful man has a defined course he is pursuing. This trait makes him organized, he has a good idea of the next step he should be taking. He is not a scattered person, that does anything at any time.


Being purposeful may just be having a short-term plan or goals. In a broader sense, a purposeful person can have a detailed plan for his life. In all, that focused pattern of life is an attractive trait.

Self-Care and Self-Esteem

Every man that displays a good level of self-awareness is usually found attractive. Male attraction is also increased by having a deep sense of self, practicing self-care, and having good esteem. These kinds of men are obviously confident. There is a way that your confidence can be perceived by others without you speaking about it.

Self-Care and Self-Esteem for male attractiveness

Self-care and esteem are attractive because they show a stable and secure man. People don't like to be around insecure folks, this is where self-esteem is important. Attractive men are confident, secure, and self-aware. All of these are groomed by self-care and esteem.


The act of gratitude goes beyond just saying "thank you". A grateful person lives with the consciousness that he is blessed from above. These kinds of people are attractive because they are never proud or pompous. Gratitude is a fuel that keeps the heart merry and lovely. You will find a grateful person graceful and meek.

act of gratitude

This trait of male attractiveness is common. It will be a rare thing to find someone that hates a grateful person. It may not be the primary trait of attractiveness, but it sure is an attractive trait.


Women generally find kind men attractive because they are always giving. Since one of the things women like is to receive help, gifts, and compliments, they find kind men so attractive. This can be a primary attraction trait for some people. A kind person is always willing to help out either financially or in service.

What makes a male face attractive?

Facial attraction is usually the first hurdle that many men need to cross. The face is one of the initial discoveries that anybody can make about a man. Before the personality or spiritual traits begin to emanate, the face will come first.

So what makes a male face attractive? Several features on the male face contribute to its attractiveness. The five things listed below are some of the things that make a male face attractive.

hair style make a male face attractive


The presence of hair on a male face contributes to his attractiveness. There are several types of hair from the obvious ones on the head to beards, mustaches, and sideburns. Several combinations of these hair types collectively make a man attractive.


A large lower jawbone can be considered to make a male more appealing. The jawbone is not the only factor for the attraction, it combines with other facial features. Having a large lower jawbone makes the face a bit broad and the shape coordinated.


Facial shape is determined majorly by the jawbones, cheekbones, and forehead. Having a prominent cheekbone gives the male face a nice shape. In addition to a large jawbone, a prominent cheekbone makes the face close to a square shape. This is arguably the most attractive male face shape.


Shaped eyebrows for men are quite attractive to women. You can add to the male attractiveness when you shape your eyebrows. It does not mean it should be bushy, but a clean-shaped brow is worth a second look. Grooming the eyebrows is a good idea to increase your attraction as a male.


Large can be relative. Having relatively large eyes can add to male attractiveness. There are other additions like the eyelashes' length, shape, and color of the eye. A well-aligned eye is a good factor in attraction. Colors that stand out can vary from blue to grey.


Male attractiveness is dependent on a wide array of factors. Many people focus on physical attributes while several others pay attention to personality traits. Either way, there are some essential traits that every attractive man has. The first point of contact is usually the physical looks.

Male attractiveness essential traits

We have traits that can be easily altered such as hair grooming, wearing of clothes, use of cologne, and muscle building. Whereas, some others are more inherent. These are the traits many other people consider to be of more importance in male attraction.

Such traits have more to do with the spirit and soul of the man, not the body. These intrinsic traits include honesty, gratitude, self-care and esteem, purposefulness, and kindness. No one finds any of these traits unattractive even though they may not be the primary traits of attraction.

Primarily, it is the facial traits of handsomeness that make the first call. After that, the more intrinsic traits keep the attraction. Male attractiveness is not just based on one trait but a combination of traits.

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