16 Hottest Male Model Wearing Leather Jacket

16 Hottest Male Model Wearing Leather Jacket


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Can you imagine being able to gather the most attractive men in the world in one place so that you can stare at us for as long as you want and feel your pulse quicken with their beauty? And can you imagine all those international models together and dressed in a nice black leather jacket? And only with the jacket and nothing underneath? Can you imagine it? I'm sure you can. And I'm sure that after reading this you'll be very hot and you'll be wishing you could take a look at the pictures we're going to show you throughout this spicy article.

Today we bring you a list that will make any woman feel hot and eager to find a man wearing a leather jacket: a ranking of the 16 hottest male models wearing leather jacket. And if leather jackets by themselves already seem to us one of the most versatile and sexy garments that exist, when we are lucky enough to see them on some of the best bodies on the planet it gets even better, and much better!

Do you feel like giving your eyes a treat and delight yourself by looking at those who are considered the sexiest models on the planet and for whom half the world sighs?

Well, you don't have to wait any longer, because below we will give you a list with everything you need to make your deepest desires come true. We'll explain who these attractive men are, how old they are and of course, we'll leave you with a very hot photo of them wearing a leather jacket.

Ready to feel the heat?

Let's get started!

The 16 Hottest Male Model Wearing Leather Jacket

1.Devin Paisley

Blond hair, blue eyes and a body that makes you hold your breath, shirt or no shirt. The young and attractive South African model Devin Pasley is at the top of our list of the hottest models with a leather jacket on, although the truth is that any type of clothing will look good on this man.

At 27 years old, this dog and motorcycle lover is considered one of the sexiest models in the world, and no wonder. In the photo we can see him wearing a basic style black leather jacket, a classic type of leather jacket that thousands of men wear every day trying to imitate models like him to try to look as sexy wearing them on the streets of their city. Of course, seeing him wearing it makes you want to buy a jacket or at least find someone to take it off. Anything is possible.

2.Drew Hudson

This young and sexy New York model is second on our list of the hottest models in leather jackets. And the reasons are more than obvious: what a torso! What a face! What a way to pose and eat the camera!

It's almost a crime or having placed him at the top of our list, but Devin's angel face is unbeatable, even for this massive lover of swimming pools and self-portraits on Instagram. However, that's not to detract from his spectacular body and the way he so aptly sports a black leather biker.

drew hudson wearing leather jacket hottest male model

Drew Hudson by Scott Hoover, Source: MMSCENE

It doesn't matter that it doesn't make sense to wear it without anything underneath, it's a treat for the eyes and that's what matters to us!

Manuel Ríos Fernández

23-year-old Spanish actor and model who rose to fame for his role in the famous Netflix teen series "Elite". This very young star occupies the third place in our ranking of sexy men, because although to many it may seem that this boy is still a child who has much to mature, the reality is that this guy is a beauty who has not only managed to captivate millions of fans for his work as an actor, but has also managed to get brands like Dolce and Gabanna to call him to be the image of their brand.

So, ladies, put your prejudices aside and let's face it: Manu Rios is hot and knows how to wear a jacket very well!

Tobias Sorensen

This 35-year-old Danish model is fourth on our list of the hottest models in leather jackets. Why is that? You only have to look at the photo to understand that this physique deserves all the compliments. Dressed all in black and wearing a more classic cut biker, Tobias is easily mistaken for a member of the Matrix cast. Although much sexier, of course.

His main strengths are his perfectly defined body and the two scars on his face, which far from making him less beautiful give him a mysterious and sexy touch that makes all the big fashion brands call him to be their image!

5.Xavier Serrano

This 29-year-old Catalan model revolutionized the fashion world in Spain four years ago and today is one of the most sought after top models in the world. Accumulating more than 700,000 followers on Instagram, this young man has everything it takes to take a basic leather jacket to the next level.

Everything looks good on him! His face is thin and still holds somewhat puerile features, but his body is that of a fully grown man. And what a body! Leather jackets are made for men this beautiful to wear.

6.Jason Poisson

With a decaf punk look and a good boy face, this young Canadian model with piercing brown eyes and black hair, shows us that leather jackets are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. In the photo this gorgeous man might look like the singer of a British pop rock band, but the reality is that he doesn't need to sing to be the center of attention. He's just too sexy!

They can look good with any look and style, and make the man who wears them look much sexier. Although models like Jason clearly don't need it.

7.Thomas Davenport

This 31-year-old Australian model rose to fame by uploading his photos to the social network Tumblr and since then he has not stopped signing contracts with advertising agencies. And no wonder, because this young man with a cool look, white complexion and muscular body knows very well how to show off clothes and pose for the photo.

And although we would always like him to go out shirtless so we can appreciate that defined body full of beautiful tattoos, this blond Australian is able to conquer us with or without clothes. In the photo below you can see, and also drool, how well this man looks in a leather jacket. Maybe it's his hair, maybe it's his eyes? Whatever it is, he looks hot!

8.Simon Nessman

Best known for being the model of the advertising campaign for Giorgio Armani's "Aqua di Gio" cologne, this young Canadian model, 33 years old, occupies the eighth place in our ranking. This young man looks fucking sexy dressed completely in fur, it's impossible to take your eyes off them. It should be forbidden to be this sexy!

On the other hand, this beautiful man, who is already among the top 50 models in the world, turns a simple black leather biker into a woman's greatest object of desire. It fits him like a glove!

9.Alejandro Lillo

Blessed youth!

The 25-year-old model from Alicante is another of the hottest men of the moment and he is not even 30 years old, at his age he should still be studying but instead he steals women's hearts and grabs the covers of the latest fashion magazines. The black leather jacket fits him perfectly, but how not to do it with that figure.

His face has a certain angelic air but his body is pure fire. Just look at him and all you can feel is heat. Super hot!

10.Hagen Richter

Lover of fitness, luxury travel and with thousands of followers on his social networks, this attractive German model is all you need to make your day better. His shaped face, his big, clear eyes, his curly blond hair and his more than remarkable muscles, make this German model be considered one of the sexiest men in the world, and it is not for less because he looks like a cheese.

Any outfit looks good on this man, even if we can't wait for him to take off his jacket and show you those spectacular abs. Wow, he's hot!

11.Garrett Neff

Garret may be the longest-lived model on this list of hot guys, but he's earned his spot on his own merits. This 38-year-old model is famous for being the face of Calvin Klein or MAN cologne, and the older he gets the better he looks: no man in his forties could look this hot wearing a leather jacket.

He looks like a train!

12.Diego Barrueco

This bad boy from Murcia has earned the respect of everyone in the fashion industry, and is currently considered one of the sexiest men on the planet.

And he certainly is! Take a good look at the photo of him wearing the leather jacket, I bet you feel like taking a cold shower! He's a hottie!

13. Joey Stefano

Although unfortunately this attractive model died too young, with only 26 years old, in his short and prosperous career as an actor and model he left us poses as good as the one in the picture.

That blue gaze and that bare torso with the open leather jacket are irresistible. They will make you melt!

14.Silvester Ruck

This handsome man could be called Silvester "Rock" and he would still have the same fame. With those perfectly defined arms and abs, it doesn't matter what jacket he wears, everything looks good on him!

For the record, she's 14th in a ranking with a very high bar. It's not that he's less hot than the rest, because they all are!

15.Charlie Garforth

Surely when you saw the picture you felt intimidated as well as excited by the man who appears in it, and this model could be one of the members of the famous series "Sons of Anarchy" without problems. Strong, big and fucking hot.

If this ranking was about the most muscular men of the moment, you can be sure that this man would occupy the first place. Charlie is an elite athlete who has spent his whole life dedicated to taking care of his body and his image, and he has done it great because this man is the perfect combination of strength and beauty.

In the photo you can see two things very clear: this man is very hot and open leather jackets should be mandatory. That pectoral has to be seen by everyone!

16. Benjamin Kuehnemund

At 34 years old, this German model is the last in our ranking of the hottest men in leather jackets. Which doesn't mean that this man has few qualities, I mean, look at the picture and draw your own conclusions. This green-eyed blond can drive anyone crazy with a leather jacket on and his chest in the air.

Oh, it's hot!


And so far our ranking of the 16 hottest male models wearing leather jacket with which we hope you have enjoyed and sweated in equal parts. And with this small list has been more than demonstrated that leather jackets are one of the best items of clothing that exist, able to enhance the beauty of anyone who wears them and make a man look extremely sexy just by wearing it.

No matter what age or physique he is, when a man knows how to wear a nice leather jacket his look improves instantly. And that's why we think every man should have one in his closet at all times, you never know when you might need it.

And what could be hotter than a man with a leather jacket ajar, revealing his muscular chest and abs? Of course not, it's the hottest thing you'll ever see and you know it! So you know, don't forget to tell your boyfriend to buy a leather jacket.

And in the meantime, enjoy the view!

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