23 Chic Outfits to Wear to A Rock Concert in Fall

23 Chic Outfits to Wear to A Rock Concert in Fall


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Fall is just around the corner and summer is coming to an end, and with it the famous summer festivals where millions of young people and music lovers gather to celebrate and enjoy their favorite bands under the moonlight. Now, does the end of the good weather mean the end of rock festivals? Of course it doesn't!

Rock never stops and in autumn there are also a wide variety of rock concerts around the world where you can enjoy the music you love, while wearing your best rock outfits of the moment. Because if there is something that any rock lover likes is to be able to show off their clothes and have managed to perfectly combine their outfits to be the most stylish rockers of the concert.

Whether you're a guy or a girl, being well dressed for your next rock concert in autumn is very important and we, as lovers of clothes that we are, want to help you achieve it. Therefore, here we are going to give you a basic guide with original ideas to inspire you to create your next outifits for all the rock concerts you are planning to attend this fall.

Ready to be the best dressed at rock concerts this fall?

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How should A Female Dress for A Rock Concert in Fall?

Are you a rock lover girl but have no idea how you should dress for the concerts you have scheduled for this fall? Going to concerts during the summer and knowing what to wear is much easier, since the high temperatures make our outfits reduced to a simple shorts and a tank top or short sleeve t-shirt.

However when the temperature begins to decrease things get more complicated and knowing what to wear and what not to wear is more difficult. Especially if you are someone indecisive and with little knowledge about the latest trends in rock fashion.

But don't worry, that's why we are here writing this wonderful article, to help you know what to wear for every occasion and give you the keys to what are the latest trends in rock fashion.

Here are five original rock outfits ideas to inspire you and create your next outfit for a rock concert in autumn:

1. Basic but Practical Rock Look

Depending on where you are in the world, autumn is not always a cold season, but rather warm and that makes knowing what to wear to attend an event like a rock concert more complicated. Therefore, we propose this outfit that combines summer garments, such as the basic white short-sleeved shirt, along with other more typical of winter as the red flannel shirt and black jeans.

If that night turns out to be warmer than usual, just take off your shirt and tie it at the waist. And voila, your look will still be perfect for a rock concert and will allow you to be more comfortable and not get hot while enjoying the music non-stop.

2. Eternal Love for Black

Black is the most representative color of the rock style, at the same time it is a predominant color in all fall fashion, so using it to go to a rock concert held during this season of the year is a very good idea. And if you also decide to use it in each and every one of the clothes you are going to wear, your outfit for a rock concert in autumn will be unbeatable.

A nice leather jacket, not too thick because it is not too cold yet and in a rock and roll concert there are many people and that generates more heat, a tight black jeans and a basic printed t-shirt of one of your favorite rock bands. Simple but effective. Black for these events never disappoints!

3. Skirt and Boots

If you are not a very cold girl and you like to dress up, you can't miss this super outfit with this black tube skirt combined with high black boots and a wide basic dark T-shirt.

It's a sexy and casual look great for early autumn, because if it's a bit chilly that night you can always wear a thicker jacket over it or choose to wear thicker tights to protect your legs from the cold of the night.

4. Oversize, Dear Oversize

Oversize garments have become the best friend of many women, regardless of their figure or the size of clothes they wear, because they are garments that always look good and can be used in many ways.

For example, this time you are wearing an oversized black t-shirt as a dress and combine it with some awesome black leather high boots that make your legs more covered and your look much more complete.

Don't hesitate to try it for your next fall concert, you will cause a sensation!

5. Boho Rock

Who says a woman who loves rock can't also be a lover of Boho fashion? This look is a great way to combine both styles and elevate your style, you will feel feminine while still having that casual rock look that black leather biker jackets bring. It's a perfect outfit for mature women who want to add their own touch to the more traditional rock style.

How should Male Dress for A Rock Concert in Fall?

Are you a rock lover guy and have no idea what to wear for your fall rock concert? Do you struggle with fashion and want to impress everyone with your outfits? Then keep reading because we have just what you were looking for: five outfits ideas to wear to a rock concert in autumn.

Take note! 

1. Basics

The first of the looks that any rocker guy should know and should try at least once in his life is this: black leather jacket, black pants, black sneakers and black t-shirt. Even black sunglasses! Although in autumn and at night, sunglasses are best left in your pocket. 

Black and leather garments are an essential element in the outfit of any rocker who goes to a concert. You can't forget it. 

2. Chic Rock Outfit

If you consider yourself a guy who likes to follow the latest trends in men's fashion and you don't want to look too scruffy to go to a rock concert, try this refined outfit in which you combine the typical black leather jacket with a denim shirt, a gray wool hat and gray jeans. 

You don't go completely black, but you do go dark which is important in rock fashion. 

3. Go Cowboy!

Country and rock fashion have always gone well together and in recent years more and more people are daring to introduce black cowboy style hats in their outfits, which we think is perfect because they will make you look modern, sexy and tremendously masculine. 

Is there anything more irresistible than a cowboy dancing to the rhythm of rock? 

4. Rock Also Goes with Tracksuits

In recent years we have seen a considerable increase in the use of sportswear as a regular garment, being common to use it to go to work, to dinner and also to go to a concert. At a concert you move and dance non-stop, so choosing to wear comfortable sweatpants with a basic rock band t-shirt and black vans is not a bad idea either. It's a comfortable look and quite sexy too, why lie.  

It's all about knowing how to combine the garments and learning how to wear them with style. 

5. The Bad Boy Look

If you want to cause a sensation and be the center of attention at the festival, female and male, do not hesitate to try this cool outfit that we propose. A nice shirt open almost halfway, dark skinny jeans and black boots. You'll look stunning! 

5 Essential Accessories to Wear to A Rock Concert

1. Bowler Hat

Hats are becoming more and more fashionable in the rock world, so don't hesitate to wear a small black hat combined with your black leather jacket and your basic t-shirt. You will give a chic touch to your outfit! 

2. Fishnet Gloves

The fishnet or lace gloves are a classic accessory among the 70's classic punk rock lovers, so wearing a pair of these gloves will be a nice way to complete your outfit and make a nod to the past. 

3. Rivet Belt / Bullet Belt

Rivet belts are a symbol of rock fashion, wearing one of these intimidating belts will make any of your looks much more striking. It's a must-have accessory for a true rocker! 

4. Fishnet or Ripped Leggings

Fishnet leggings are another staple in the rocker chic style, a perfect accessory for those who dare to break away from the traditional style and are not afraid of the prying eyes of others. With these leggings you will always attract attention, whether you want to or not! 

5. Chokers

Chokers are a minimalist accessory very famous among rocker women. It's a way to complete your outfit and give it a more elegant and feminine touch, no matter if it's a chunky choker or a simple one, it will always make you look amazing! 

And so far our little guide on rock fashion for autumn concerts, we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we did and that it has served as inspiration for your next rock style outfits!