Most Popular Designer Leather Jackets for Men & Women 2022

Most Popular Designer Leather Jackets for Men & Women 2022


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Leather jackets have over the years remained the hallmark of rock n roll. This exotic outfit has stamped a place for itself in the fashion world. Designer leather jackets are taking the front in the show of class. Popular Hollywood stars like Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Cruise, Selena Gomez, Dwayne Johnson, and several others have slayed on TV in designer leather jackets.

Fashion brands like Hermes, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Alexander Mcqueen, Loewe, Cartier, Armani, and Rolex are popular for clothes and wristwatches. But what about designer leather jackets? There are big names and brands when it comes to leather jackets as well. Hold on as you are about to meet the big wigs of designer leather jackets.

Looking to get leathered up for your next club date? Here are the hot picks of the most popular designer leather jackets in 2022. Don’t think this is just for men, we’re talking about both men's and women's leather jackets. It is time to show off your wardrobe with the best designers of leather jackets.

Top 10 Most Popular Designer Leather Jacket Brands

When we talk about leather jacket brands, be sure we are not playing small. There are executive and classy designer leather jackets that you need to add to your wardrobe.

These are not cheap budget purchases, but they are surely worth every penny. See below the list of the top 10 most popular designer leather jacket brands:


AllSaints leather jacket mens designer leather jacket

AllSaints is a London-based brand that is known for exquisite and stylish designer leather jackets. They make both male and female jackets. AllSaints started in London in 1994 by Stuart Trevor and Kait Bolongaro. From London, this designer leather jacket maker has expanded to America, Italy, Turkey, China, Peru, Chile, Dubai, Qatar, and so on.

AllSaints in the numerous leather jacket collections has cute biker jackets. Examples of AllSaints’ leather jacket designs are Tyson Leather Biker Jacket, Milo Leather Biker Jacket, Caro Leather Jacket, and lots of others. You can check out the official AllSaints store for more chic designer leather jackets.

Schott NYC

Schott NYC leather jacket brands designer leather jackets

The Schott NYC brand is popular for leather jackets and motorcycle wear. The company started in the United States and is based in New York City. These designer leather jacket giants have been around since 1913.

The company was created by Irving and Jack Schott who were brothers. Schott is the first leather jacket company to add zippers to leather jackets. They also hold the popular classic perfecto motorcycle jacket used in the movie The Wild One.

More classic leather jackets were made by Schott NYC for the US Navy during World War II. It was named the wool naval pea coat. More designer leather jacket by Schott NYC is the cafe racer motorcycle jacket.

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent leather jacket brands designer leather jacket

The fashion brand Saint Laurent was founded by Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge in 1962 as an Eponymous Brand. The brand is termed YSL for short as can be seen in the logo designed in 1963. YSL is a French fashion company that is known for the Safari Jacket fashion trend.

Designer leather jackets by YSL are known to have the best buttery-soft Italian leather. YSL goes the extra mile with iconic additions like satin lining and silhouette. These outstanding leather jackets include; double-breasted shearling trench coats, Button-up leather jackets, flight jackets, and so on.


balmain leather jacket designer leather jacket brands

Balmain Men's Leather Jacket, Season: SS 2019. Source: Vogue

This is a French luxury fashion brand that was founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. The brand has 16 stores across the United States and London. Pierre Balmain had the fashion blood running in the family with his father in a drapery business and his mother and sister owned a fashion boutique.

Balmain has varieties of designer leather jacket for both men and women. In the Balmain’s leather jacket collections are; Zip-fastening biker jacket, Faux leather biker jacket, Balmain Nappa leather jacket, Quilted chain leather biker jacket, Silver zip-detail biker jacket, and more. The Balmain leather jackets are finished with style and beauty.


Belstaff leather jacket designer leather jacket brands

Belstaff Fall 2012 Menswear fashion show. Source: Vogue

The Belstaff fashion brand is owned by the British chemical company Ineos. This brand was created in 1924 by Eli Belovitch and Harry Grosberg. The Belstaff was coined from Eli’s surname and his origin of Staffordshire. The company was the first to use wax cotton to make waterproof motorcycle apparel.

An outstanding remark is given to Belstaff for their outdoor leather jacket designs. They are renowned for making jackets for servicemen, motorcyclists, and pilots. Examples of jackets by Belstaff are; Dene Jacket, Tour Overshirt, Outlaw Jacket, V Racer Jacket, Trailmaster Panther Jacket, and so on.


veda designer leather jacket women

This Veda designer leather jacket brand was founded in 2008 by Lyndey Butler. It is an American company that is domiciled in New York City. Veda has both modern and contemporary designs of leather jackets. This brand is more focused on female leather jackets probably because the founder is a female.

There are several options to pick from if you are looking to own a Veda jacket. Examples of the Veda designs are Jayne Classic Leather Jacket, Dallas Smooth Leather Jacket, Fringe Suede Jacket, Roy Leather Snap Front Jacket, Veda ref X Crosby 90s longline leather blazer, and so on. Veda also has leather jacket designs for kids like the Boone kid’s leather jacket.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford designer leather jacket red leather jacket brands

Tom Ford is another eponymous brand founded by Tom Carlyle Ford in 2005. He started his own luxury fashion brand Tom Ford after he served as creative director in two big fashion houses Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. The brand is popular for other fashion items like colognes and other ready-to-wear clothes.

Designer leather jackets by Tom Ford include the Tom Ford Icon leather jacket, Tom Ford Smooth Grain Biker jacket, Classic Biker jacket, and others. The Icon leather jacket is a slim-fitted jacket with a zip in front.

Buck Mason

buck mason designer leather jacket men

Buck Mason was Founded in 2013 by Erik Allen and Sasha Koehn in Los Angeles, California. The Buck Mason brand is a men’s clothing company. They have physical retail stores in New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, and Atlanta. The company majorly operates as an e-commerce store.

When it comes to designer leather jackets, Buck Mason connects the dots between classical and modern jacket designs. The brand makes jackets cutting across bombers, bikers, and aviators.

Buck Mason is one of the most popular leather jacket brands in the U.S. There designer leather jackets include the leather bruiser tucker jacket, full grain sundown flight jacket, bruiser leather moto jacket, bruiser leather bomber jacket, and others.

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna leather jacket designer leather jacket

The Ermenegildo Zegna fashion brand is an Italian company that was founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna. The company was founded by two of his brothers Edoardo and Mario. At that early time, they benefited from their father’s looms. Their father owned a wool mill and loom in Italy then.

Zegna offers designer leather jackets in more colors than the usual black and brown colors. The designer jackets made by Zegna are; Black light lambskin Nappa bomber blouson, Baby Calf Nubuck reversible short jacket, and the Calfskin Nappa overshirt if you don’t have much love for the jacket disambiguation.

Acne Studio

Acne Studio leather jacket women designer leather jacket

The last of the top 10 most popular designer leather jacket brands is Acne Studio. This is a luxury fashion brand that is based in Sweden, Stockholm to be precise. The brand was created in 1996 by Jonny Johannson. They have designer leather jackets for both men and women just like other ready-to-wear apparel they sell.

Acne Studio is well known for its trendy design of the leather biker jacket that can elegantly be showcased at any hot event. Other eventful designs are their leather suit jacket that can be worn by either a male or female and the plain bikers jacket.

Top 5 Most Popular Men’s Designer Leather Jacket

Masculinity has always been attached to wearing leather jackets and some brands have specifically paid attention to the needed details for that.

From the Jacket Maker to the Reiss, below are the top 5 popular designer leather jackets for men. As a man, you should get one of these exceptional designer leather jackets for men.

Celine Iconic Black Leather Biker Jacket

celine designer leather jacket brand

Celine has a strong personality of designer leather jackets, Celine is indeed a maker of quality bespoke leather jackets for men. With this brand, you can specifically request that the jacket is made according to your body measurement. 

For any guy, the iconic black leather jacket is perfect for any outing. The simple, yet classy leather jackets offered by celine are fitting for men of all sizes and tastes. 

AllSaints Milo Leather Biker Jacket

AllSaints Milo Leather Biker Jacket

The AllSaints brand makes leather jackets for both males and females. But, they are excellent at making quality and stylish designer jackets for men. 

They are in the trade of adding styles and embellishment that men are looking out for. AllSaints have varieties of cuts, finishes, zippers, and more like the AllSaints Milo leather biker jacket.  

Saint Laurent Classic Biker Jacket


Yves Saint Laurent, with over 5 decades of existence, remained a top choice for men’s leather jackets. They supply men with the perfect jacket texture with their soft-Italian leather.  

YSL is also popular for exclusive additions like the satin lining on the jackets. Are you looking for a designer flight or biker jacket? Saint Laurent has got your back.  

Reiss Cooper Zip Through Leather Jacket

Reiss leather jacket mens designer leather jacket

This British fashion giant has been in business since 1971 serving men with fashionable designer leather jackets. The brand was created by David Reiss and has a presence in 15 countries of the world.  

This famous men's designer leather jacket brand. This English brand makes jackets that incorporate the old styles into a modern design. They are the best when it comes to a retro leather jacket look. 

Men's designer leather jackets by Reiss include; Reiss Cooper Zip Through leather jacket, Reiss Walton Funnel Neck leather jacket, Reiss Kyelder Shearling leather jacket, and many more.

Schott Perfecto Leather Jacket

Schott Perfecto Leather Jacket designer leather jacket

Schott NYC has a big reputation in the United States as a wonderful maker of high-quality jackets for men. With their Perfecto leather jacket, they have captured the heart of men that have a knack for the smart biker look. That status was reinforced by the movie usage of the jacket.

Top 5 Most Popular Women's Designer Leather Jacket

For many decades now, the attention to leather jackets outerwear has been shared between both the male and female populations.

It was once a masculine thing, but we now have breathtaking female designer leather jacket makers in the fashion industry. This is a list of the top 5 most popular designer leather jackets for women.

Veda Jayne Classic Leather Jacket

Veda Jayne Classic Leather Jacket designer leather jacket women

The Veda Jayne classic is a top-notch choice for a bold and elegant look. It can be combined in simple ways with a plain shirt and a pant trouser. It goes well with jeans and a crop top as well. Veda has other beautiful female leather jackets you can alternatively pick from.

Laer Shrunken Moto

Laer Shrunken Moto jacket designer leather jacket

The Laer brand is given to lovely female leather jackets made with the best embellishments and finishings. The Shrunken Moto designer leather jacket is a piece that is attention-commanding.

Nanushka Kiara Vegan Leather Top

Nanushka has always brought the extra glam to Women's designer leather jacket space. The elevating part of this jacket is the rare collar design.

Acne Studio Shearling Jacket

Acne Studio Shearling Jacket designer leather jacket women

On a first look, this shearling jacket is uniquely made to be a queen's delight. The furry collar design speaks volume of the quality and class. It is debatable that the Acne Studio Women's Biker Jacket is a popular choice but this is equally loved in the fashion world.

Anine Bing Benjamin Leather Moto Jacket

Anine Bing Benjamin Leather Moto Jacket designer leather jacket

On the first look, the light brown appears heavenly. The embellishments of zippers, the flaps and the belt are just perfect for this Anime Bing masterpiece. Also, the black Benjamin Leather Moto Jacket also is an essential piece for everyone's wardrobe.

Is it Worth Buying a Designer Leather Jacket?

Surely, buying a designer leather jacket will be a major clothing investment. These lovely fashion pieces don't come cheap. Probably this is why you may be pondering on the question: is it Worth Buying a designer leather jacket? There are tangible reasons why buying a designer leather jacket is a worthwhile action.

worth to buy a designer leather jacket

The most obvious reason is the quality of the leather jackets. Imagine buying a designer leather jacket from Belstaff that has been since 1924. They are even the first to make waterproof motorcycle apparel from wax cotton.

Or is it Schott since 1913 or Zegna since 1910? These designer brands have had a pedigree of excellence for several decades. The leather used is assured to be the best in grade.

custom made leather jacket designer leather jacket red for women

Have you imagined rocking exactly the same designer leather jacket Hollywood stars are wearing? This is why it is worth it to buy a designer leather jacket. You will be dressed just like Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwezenegar, Steven Seager, Selena Gomez, Dwayne Johnson, and others.

There is an instant elevation of status the moment you step into the club with a YSL leather jacket on your shoulders. Just try it out and see how you will love how you feel. It is surely going to elevate your mood and confidence.

Also, most of these designer brands offer a free return policy. In any case, if you have an issue with the leather jacket, many of them operate a free return policy. At no cost, you can send the jacket back to its maker. PalaLeather for instance offers leather jacket customization services. You won't need to be returning the jacket after it has been made to your fit.

the most popular designer leather jacket

What's The Most Popular Leather Jacket?

This sounds like a tough question to answer but it is also not. For women’s designer leather jackets, the Acne Studio Biker Leather jacket has been getting a rave of attention. It is quite elegant to behold and more rewarding to wear. The combination of simplicity and nice finishing makes this black beauty so loved.

For men, the most popular leather jacket is the classic biker leather jacket. This is another instance of how simplicity stands out. The plain design, the collar flap, and the middle zippers all combined to give it a lifting look. It is available in both black and brown colors.

get a designer leather jacket with custom made

Get a Designer Leather Jacket with Custom Made

Your love for designer leather jackets is now stirred? Don't stop there, you should treat yourself to one or more of these extraordinary animal hide clothing. Designer leather jackets made with real leather are worth every dollar that goes into buying them but you don't need to break a bank to get one. Get your affordable and quality designer leather jacket now from Palaleather.

At the best prices, with the best quality, you can also get a sold-out designer leather jacket with bespoke customization. From classic biker jacket, suede bomber jacket, quilted leather jacket, leather shirt jacket, leather trucker jacket, classic slim fit leather jacket to nappa leather jacket. All of these are available at Palaleather's custom-made service. You will always love an addition of a custom made designer leather jacket to your wardrobe.

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