Leather Trucker Jacket: 10 Chic Ways to Wear It

Leather Trucker Jacket: 10 Chic Ways to Wear It


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What is Leather Trucker Jacket

During the mid-nineteenth century, the United States launched the leather trucker jacket, an informal quilted vest. Later, the design was adopted as a staple of the wardrobe. There are many different types of denim jackets. It's also frequently, if not always, fashioned from denim. Mild cotton and quality leather options are also available.

A leather trucker jacket is perhaps one of the biggest overlooked outerwear items available today. You may always rely on it if you're a man looking want something classic yet still comfortable enough to throw on after work. It's stylish and adaptable so that you can wear it with anything and everything in your closet. This is the best in every side: it's both stylish and long-lasting.

10 Ways to Wear Trucker Jacket for Men

1. Pair with a white shirt

Leather trucker jackets are often paired with white shirts - it's a classic combination. However, it isn't as simple as it seems to get a fresh, minimalist appearance.

For this outfit to be a success, you must pick the ideal white shirt that should not be too slender or loose-fitting, opalescent or durable, gentlemanly, or too rather like a gown or a halter top; not relatively so high on the chest or so low that it was a clavicle-exposing depths.

2. Pair with a neutral shirt and tie

Yes, leather trucker jackets can be worn with business attire. The relationship will be easier if either part are dressed casually to match your trucker's very relaxed style. An Oxford shirt rather than a stiff-colored poplin shirt; a knitted necktie rather than a braided silk tie; and chinos rather than fitted pants are all examples of this style shift in clothing.

No matter how clean your trucker jacket looks on the outside, it's more casual than just a fitting jacket and hence may not be appropriate for work.

3. Layer with a hoodie

This outfit is a go-to for every menswear designer who wants to appear urban but isn't quite sure how. That doesn't mean you should give up. Adding a hoodie to a leather trucker jacket is a no-brainer as they're both easy-to-wear holiday essentials. Don't overdo that in that manner.

The hoodie's fit should not be overly bulky or too muted in color. Stick to blue or gray tweed underneath a trucker jacket instead of the flashy street insignia.

4. Partner with Tailored Trousers

It's a good idea to keep the contrast among your leather trucker jacket and dressy pants to a minimum, just like with a shirt and tie. An unpolished trucker denim jacket and a few subtle embellishments like novelty sewing or buttons could do the trick.

Similarly, a more hefty, nubby fabric nearer to leather on the continuum could be used to bring the formality of the trousers down a few pegs. Turn-ups and clipped lengths are other options.

5. Layer with Turtle Neck

A turtleneck can be donned anywhere that a shirt can be worn. Well, that's about it. Preferably blue or stonewashed, think about how the trucker jacket's texture ties in with the sweater before you start wearing it.

With far too much gloss, the fabric could look out of place; with too little, it might look like a cheap imitation of the real thing. As you travel even farther from your style, you should expect the layers to thicken.

6. Top off with a Topcoat

If you plan to use a trucker jacket underneath a topcoat, you'll want it to be slender like a fitted suit. To avoid clashing with the coat's collar, it must have a short neck so that you can get your fingers when dolled up. Even the most elegantly made clothing has a certain amount of toughness to it, so this isn't as being out of place as you would imagine.

Also, don't hesitate to compare and contrast: camel can be a very attractive combination, despite the fact that it tends to be traditional. You'll get an extra point if your coat's embroidery complements the color.

7. Partner with Dark Jeans

Even if you break the "different shades" criteria, leather plus denim can still look great. But it depends on how you can execute your style along the denim. When it comes to splicing jeans, nothing beats the tried-and-true method of black and blue.

Beige or even white jeans can achieve the same effect, but they have their own drawbacks, as well as practicality issues. It's best to stick with the black.

8. Pair with Indigo Jeans

Unwashed indigo jeans denim will have far less of a possibility of visually bleeding into the a softer and troubled trucker jacket than the lightweight and/or ripped jeans, for purposes that must ideally be clear.

This is because unwashed indigo jeans are a darker color and more challenging than black jeans, but they aren't that tough. It's not as though multiple layers of dark denim that are virtually indistinguishable from one another are impossible to produce.

9. Collaborate with Joggers

Only if you're a rodeo rider, a leather trucker jacket isn't sporting. In addition, it gives some rigidity to counteract the suppleness of your jogging pants and saves you from having to wear a full jumpsuit or "Tesco tux".

If you want your leather jacket to stand out, don't go overboard with the interesting embellishments. Activewear isn't a major trend in Western fashion history, according to fashion historians.

10. Partner with Chinos

Since your upper body is practically covered in jeans, you're well aware that mixing denim with leather is a risky move. But then so is walking bare-chested out in public. Let's talk about chinos. It is possible to dress them up with characteristics like folds, wrinkles, and a tab fastening, but they're also casual to dress down.

These jeans, which have a long military heritage and are made of utilitarian cotton fibers, are an excellent leather trucker companion because of their essential combination with denim.

Where to Buy Leather Trucker Jacket

If you can't easily get a fashionable leather trucker jacket these days, we understand. Getting a deal at a thrift store is possible, but you're likely to run into issues like old creases and discoloration in the apparel. A cheaper option that won't last as long is a drawback.

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