How to Get Back The Classic 90's Outfit by Wearing Leather Jacket

How to Get Back The Classic 90's Outfit by Wearing Leather Jacket


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The retro style fashion trend is coming! Now it's all about vintage vibe. If there was one thing everyone had to have in their wardrobe in the 1990s, it was a leather jacket. In many ways, the 90s were the ultimate era for the leather jacket. Not only could you opt for the everyday black and brown leather jacket. Vibrant and red colors were also popular.

Why was the leather jacket so popular all throughout the 90s? For many, it was a way of exploring a new exciting material - leather. While for others, it was about making a fashion statement and telling your friends you could afford a leather jacket. For others, it was about a touch of rebellion.

style in 90s fashion trend

Did 90s celebrities wear leather jackets? You bet that they did. Everywhere you turned you could spot a celeb wearing a leather jacket or other leather accessories.

Were Leather Jackets Popular in the 90s?

Yes, leather jackets were extremely popular in the 90s. There are many classic 90s images on Pinterest about celebrity wearing a leather jacket that looks really stunning. Ultimately, it was music culture and fashion show that made leather jackets popular in the 1990s. Music and performance artists such as Prince loved their leather jackets.

David Bowie wearing a leather jacket

David Bowie Wearing a Black Leather Jacket. Source: Esquire

When you look back on music videos from the era, you come across numerous artists wearing a leather jacket. Super star David Bowie was spotted wearing a leather jacket. Looking at photos, it would appear that Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood loved his leather jacket as well.

Others that were spotted in leather jackets include George Michael and Swedish pop duo Roxette. Tina Turner also put on a leather jacket for many of her performances.

Needless to say, all of this influenced cultural icon and popular culture . The leather jacket soon claimed its right full place as the one fashion item every should have.

Were Leather Jackets a Thing in the 90s?

Yes, you can easily say that leather jackets were a thing in the 90s. Those who were lucky enough to be able to afford it, had several leather jackets in their wardrobe.

leather jacket was popular in the 90s

What is really interesting about the leather jacket trend of the 90s was that it was not only a culture phenomena in the English speaking part of the world. Leather jackets were popping up everywhere all around the world.

Even in hotter countries people starting to wear leather jackets and other leather attire. All of a sudden there was an explosion of leather. You could buy leather blazer, leather trousers and skirts in anything from chain stores to designer stores. In many ways, you can say that the leather jacket of the 90s relaunched some top brands.

Designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein along with his famous crew helped the leather jacket to conquer the 90s.

leather jacket was popular in the 90s

What Leather Jacket Was Popular in the 90s?

It has to be said that the leather jacket of the 90s was turned into a bit of design icon.

Take a closer look and you will find leather jacket had to be stylish. At the same time, it had to make that slightly rebellious statement that has always been associated with wearing leather.

The lapels on the 90s leather jacket were big, the jacket was often black and you could also spot a stud or two. If you wore a leather bomber jacket in the 90s, you were probably considered a bit of a rebel.

James Dean wearing a leather jacket

James Dean wearing a leather jacket front a motorcycle. Source: Pinterest

Don't forget that it was the famous James Dean that first made the humble leather jacket a fashion accessory. Before then, it had very much been considered a working man's piece of clothing such as a flight jacket. When James Dean put on a leather jacket in the movie Rebel Without a Cause all of that changed.

Although the movie Dirty Dancing premièred in 1987, the leather jacket worn by Patrick Swayze very much influenced the next decade. Patrick took the humble leather jacket to new heights. You can say that he revived the "sexiness" of the leather.

Here is a curious fact for you. Dirty Dancing was such a low budget movie that Patrick Swayze had to wear his own leather jacket in the movie. Thanks Patrick, you brought back this wonderfully versatile garment.

What Decade Were Leather Jackets Most Popular?

It is hard to say. One thing is for sure, they certainly dominated the 90s. But, looking back, you will find that the trend towards leather starts way before that.

sex pistols wearing leather jackets

Sex Pistols wearing leather jackets. Source: Daily Express

When you look at popular culture, you will notice that the leather jacket influenced the 1970s. It turned up on stage during many concerts. British Punk group the Sex Pistols loved their leather jackets.

Elvis Presley took to wearing a leather jacket for a while during his stage show in Las Vegas. You could say that the leather jacket has stayed with us as a fashion statement.

In the 1980s, the leather jacket hung on in there. It did become a little bit more refined and sophisticated.

Some designers even turned into a suit style jacket such as leather blazer. Others decided that adding colors and creating exciting designs was the way to go.

You can clearly see that the leather jacket went through a transformation until it reached the 90s. In the 1990s, it went back to the classic style. At the same time, it has to be said that almost anything went as far as wearing jackets went in the 90s.

style leather jacket in the 90s trend

90s Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas for Men and Women

So, how should you wear your leather jacket? These days, almost anything goes, But, it has to be said, 90s outfit ideas for wearing leather jackets were perhaps the best ones.

We have put together a couple of ideas how you can wear your leather jacket.

Let's Go Madonna Style

Madonna has worn leather jackets on more than one occasion. What Madonna seems to have realized when it comes to leather, is that it is easy to dress it up or down. Even faux leather can be styled in this way.

madonna wearing a black leather jacket

Madonna wearing a black leather jacket. Source: Pinterest

When you want to go Madonna style, you can put on a nice blouse and a pearl necklace. Make it a long necklace and it will show off what you are wearing even more than a short one.

Yes, you will look sophisticated but there will be a streak of rebellion mixed in with your outfit as well. It is also worthwhile pointing out that Madonna had leather jackets in different colors. The must striking one was perhaps her electric blue jacket.

She often combined her leather jackets with black jeans.

wear leather with jeans in the 90s style

Wearing Leather With Jeans

If you like, jeans and leather are a match made in heaven. Both jeans and leather indicates that you may be a rebellious soul. They are the best combination as they both emphasize the other.

Leather is associated with jeans and jeans with leather. To finish off this class 90s outfit, you need to combine the two. Maybe you can say that you need to create a smooth transition in between leather and classic denim material.

The best way to do that is to put on a belt. Another must have of the 90s was a designer belt. It was actually during the 90s era designer belts first became popular.

Up until then, we had not seen a lot of designer belts around. But, it was not long before designer brand belt logos started appearing on belts. Today, they are still around and we are more in love with them than ever before.

Whether they are faux or genuine leather, adding a designer belt to your leather jacket is the perfect way of transitioning between the two materials.

Can I Wear a Skirt with My Leather Jacket?

There is absolutely no reason why you can't do so. Does it have to be a leather skirt?

wear leather with a skirt

Why should it have to be a leather skirt? In the 90s, it would appear that leather jackets were worn with designer skirts and skirts from chain stores.

What length should your skirt be? Yes, it would be tempting to say that your skirt should be short. But, when you look back on the skirt fashion of the 90s, you notice that skirts could be either long or short.

The same thing is very much true of today's skirt fashion. We are still flexible when it comes to the length of our skirts. It is just as acceptable to wear a short skirt as it is wearing a long skirt.

wear leather with pleated skirt

One unique outfit idea that you come across from the 90s was the pleated skirt. Wearing a pleated skirt is very feminine. It enhances your figure and gives a kind of floaty look. As it happens, a leather jacket and a pleated skirt makes a fantastic combination.

Wearing A Leather Jacket with Stylish Pants

Men also like to wear leather jackets. Of course, it is easy for them to slip into a pair of jeans, put on a designer belt, and accessorize with a leather jacket.

wear leather jacket with designer pants in the 90s fashion trend

But, what if you would like a more stylish outfit leather idea? There is no reason why you can't wear a leather jacket with a pair of nice pants, smart shirt and a tie. It is one of those outfit ideas that will see you through the day and into the night when you are going out for a casual dinner.

the classic 90s fashion trends with leather jacket

Final Thoughts

A leather jacket is the one thing that belongs in every wardrobe. Style a black leather jacket in 90s fashion style always look great. But, that does not mean to say that you should not explore many of the other colors and color combinations available. If you love to wear vintage or retro style, then you can't miss a classic leather jacket.

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