Leather Jacket Wholesale Program

· Individually manufacturing process of each jacket one by one

· Custom services (Logo, label, accessories, printing, etc)

· Experienced craftsmanship from Italian luxury brands

· 100% Genuine high quality raw leather materials

· Silver-plated hardware would never rust

· None negative comment in any deals

· Amazing wholesale price (From $189)

In return, we will

Give you the latest products in advance through the combination of trendy styles and web interface

Grow your wholesale product lines and increase your brand recognition

Get your foot into the booming fashion business with minimal effort and costs

Make stocking your shop as simple as possible so that you can focus on the parts of your business that matter most

We Provide You

VIP Services

Provide exclusive authorization, not open to sell products

Free Sample

Get free leather swatches, accessories and hardware samples

Amazing Price

Satisfaction guaranteed with our fantastic discount price

Low to High Minimum Order Quantity

Order for wholesale leather jackets at low minimum order size

Flexible Services for Custom-made Orders

We cater to all types of customization requests

High-end Quality

Unique R&D technology to take care of every single detail

Leather Attitude

Focus on Quality, Spend on last.

PalaLeather shows a serious attitude to quality and leather jackets. Our wholesale leather jackets prices may not be so much “wholesale”cheap but we use quality to represent what a good leather jacket means. Get a sample wholesale leather jacket at a discount price and see what we are proud of.
Let quality move success.


Flexible Order Request

We curate and supply the best quality wholesale leather jackets in any quantity-from very small to huge numbers worldwide. Choose your hardware, accessories and also specify your own brand elements.


Detail & Conce

Every year, we collaborate with designers from top leather clothing brands for designing excellent quality leather jackets. The experience, creativity, and expertise of fashion designers ensure that we are on top of market campaigns. It assures us considerable success in product development. The most competitive advantage is that we provide one-of-a-kind, high-end quality leather garments utilizing the latest R&D technologies.


1.Can I customize my jacket(s) for specific features I want?

Yes. We process all types of customization requests, such as choice of fabric, color, size, accessories, and patterns. We'll also add your brand logo or other elements for designing custom-made jackets at wholesale rates.

2.Can I get after-sale services?

Yes. You get a lifetime warranty for the jackets you purchase from Pala Leather. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions after receipt. We will reach out to you at the earliest with solutions that solve the issue at hand with minimal downtime.

3.How many wholesale leather jackets can I order?

Any quantities. We cater to wholesale leather jackets' orders of all sizes, from a very small number to large numbers. Whether you're a wholesaler, distributor, dealer, or retailer, just specify your requirements for a wholesale leather jacket, and we'll be ready with it in the minimal possible time.

Contact us

Give us a call at +1(828)327-1739 or fills in you details and we can answer any questions or inquiries. Help you to get the best plan for your business.