Guida alle misure

Find a most-wear casual coat

Flat your most-wear similar jacket or coat on the floor, follow the measure guide video.

Keep it level

Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor

Get your size

Note the measure data and make sure you have all size checked

Measuring Tips

1.Jacket length

Measure from the base of the middle of neck (in the center, not the side), to the length of your clothing.


Measure the bust at the fullest part (sleeves go down 2cm).

3.Jacket Hem

Measure the width of your clothing hem.

4.Shoulder Width

Measured from the point of connection of the shoulder with the neck to the point of the connection of the shoulder.

5.Arm Length(Sleeve Length)

Measure from the top of the arm (find the point at the shoulder/top of arm) to the cuff (find the hem of the cuff).

6.Upper Arm(Sleeve Width)

Measure the width of the sleeve.

7.Wrist Circumference(Cuff)

Measure the width of the sleeve.

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