Lifetime Warranty

At Palaleather, we take great care and pride in the design and craftsmanship of all our products. We make sure to use only the best raw leather materials to the highest international manufacturing standards.
But if there is an issue with the product, we will fix it for you free of charge in limited lifetime warranty. Also, provide worldwide lifetime warranty.

For returns, please see refunds & exchanges.

Palaleather will conduct every single inspection of the product before shipping and if your product is found to have developed a defect, it will be repaired without charging for parts or labor. Please use your judgment when assessing whether your product is likely to be covered under the warranty policy—it may simply be time to replace it.

Claiming your warranty is simple! Email us your warranty number and your order number to our official email address under the warranty covered content. Please consider the following points when you’re deciding to claim warranty.

What is warranty covered?

In case of goods with defects we will either fix the item for you, replace it or pay for the costs for getting it fixed. We will not charge any labor or cost of parts.

Defects in materials, components, or workmanship are covered for the lifetime of the product. Materials and components refer to zippers, buckles and fabrics, etc. Workmanship refers to seams and construction.

Please note that the shipping to our repair department will be paid by the customer!

What is not warranty covered?

1.Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear changes to the appearance of the product.

2.Warranty does not cover change in the color of leather or scratches, tears, wrinkles or other damages caused by the usual wearing, tearing, accident and improper care or cleaning.

3.Developing a patina is a characteristic of leather, not a defect. Warranty is not valid for change of patina of the leather.

4.Even after the tanning process, each animal hide is different no two leather texture are alike. The product for this reason will be slightly different from the marketing images online or in print format. This does not come under warranty.

Who can get A lifetime warranty?

Warranty is valid for the original owner of the product. Please be noticed that warranty is not valid on resale, or transfer of ownership of product.

Without exception, the original order confirmation email must accompany any claims or requests made under this warranty. This email must be produced by the owner, and further I.D. or other checks may be requested to confirm your identity as the original purchaser (to whom the warranty pertains). If you lose your original order confirmation email, please notify Pala Leather on email immediately.


How do I send my product in for repair?

If you bought our product and having some defect problems, please contact us, describe the questions on the product and take proven pictures with attach files. Once we see your email, we will send the repair address to you as soon as possible.

Please make sure that the shipping is prepaid, the package is insured for full replacement value and use a shipping method that will provide you with a tracking number.

Who pays for shipping?

As stated in our warranty policy, the customer pays the shipping charges to send products to the Warranty Department. Pala Leather will absorb the return shipping charges using regular shipping ways.

If you request that we return your product by special shipping ways, the additional shipping charges will be billed to you. Shipping charges for all non-warranty repairs are at the owner’s expense.

This warranty is offered by Palaleather, which reserves the right to with draw or amend the terms of this warranty without notice. Your statutory rights are not affected by this warranty.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us: