30 Iconic 80s Rock Fashion Outfit Ideas You Must Try

30 Iconic 80s Rock Fashion Outfit Ideas You Must Try


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When you think about 80's fashion, the first words that come to mind when trying to describe it are: glitz and glamour. The 80's was characterized as a decade of stylistic revolution in which everything that until then had been considered as "elegant and correct" was transformed into a mixture of neon colors, voluminous hairstyles and branded clothes with giant logos. Because in the 80's it was all about showing off and showing off the wealth we possessed through our clothes.

It was a decade full of icons and trends that are still remembered and used today: sweaters with shoulder pads, leg warmers, giant earrings in bright colors, the legendary Adidas Academic sneakers, washed effect jeans, platform heels, high-waisted jeans, scrunchies, Oxford shirts, sweaters and polo shirts, and a long etcetera of trends that marked a before and after in the fashion industry and that managed to transform it forever.

The 80's was for many the best decade of fashion, leaving us a whole list of unforgettable trends and outfits that any lover of clothing should know and incorporate into some of their current outfits.

And that's precisely what we are going to do throughout this article, remember the 80s decade in fashion, its best trends and the icons that were born from one of the most brilliant eras of the fashion industry.

Were the 80s as dazzling as you've always been told?

Now we'll find out!

Iconic 80s Rock Fashion and Best Outfit Ideas

What fashion was popular in the 80s?

When it comes to identifying what were the most popular fashion trends of the 80s we are faced with a big dilemma to choose them, because there were so many! I don't think there has ever been a fashion era capable of producing so many trends in such a short period of time.

Every year there was a long list of different trends that made both young and old, men and women, fall in love with them, making them rush like crazy to look for them in the stores in order to be fashionable and imitate their idols.

And so it went throughout the decade, year after year without stopping. Every year it was one surprise after another, one trend after another that seemed to have no end.

However, we can not list all these trends in this article (it would be too long) and we must summarize them in a short list with the most famous trends that were born during the decade of the 80s. And although we would stay with all of them, because they all had their moments of magic and made this decade even bigger and brighter, the reality is that there were some trends more "famous" than others and that have managed to survive the passing of the years and continue to be present today.

Iconic Fashion Trends in the 80s

Below we list the five fashion trends that drove clothing lovers crazy in the 80s and are still remembered by many today.

Take note!

1. High-waisted pants

Nobody knows the origin of this trend, but high-waisted jeans were a real revolution during the first years of the 80s. So far jeans had been a basic garment in the outfit of millions of women and men, however they were pants with a certain classic cut (similar to the traditional suit pants that were worn until the 70s) and always required to wear a belt.

Something that disappeared completely with the high-waisted pants, since having such a high waist they were not necessary and if they were a little baggy it was no big deal. It was fashion!

Nowadays these pants are trendy, although we know them as Mom Jeans, and they are worn exactly the same as they were then: without a belt and with a wide and casual cut. They were a statement of intent, especially for women who had always had to stick to fashion etiquette and be "properly dressed" with their belts and well-defined silhouette. High-waisted jeans said goodbye to oppression and opened the door to new ways of being comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

2. Pearl necklaces

We would be lying if we said that pearl necklaces were not used before the 80s, because it was done and it was a symbol of money and distinction in women of good family. However, in the 80s they could be used by almost everybody and with any look, there were no rules for pearls.

You no longer needed to be the daughter of the duke of some distant continent, because this garment became a trend available to everyone and proved to enhance any outfit, even the most basic and scruffy.

And who was one of the main proponents of this trend? Lady Di, of course. Princess Diana was an icon of the decade and her casual looks with pearl necklaces were imitated by millions of women for years.

3. Neon Colors

Another big trend of this decade was the emergence of a new color palette: neon colors. Although, this trend was more typical of skaters and rappers of the time, it also ended up monopolizing clothing of all kinds of styles.

The flashier the clothes the better, because it was the decade of joy and revolution and had to be visible from any point. Let it all shine!

4. Warmers

Who doesn't remember wearing leg warmers when they were young? And leg warmers were another of the most famous trends of this decade, being also one of the favorite garments of one of the greatest fashion and music icons of all time: Madonna.

Who doesn't remember seeing her perform in red leg warmers matching her bracelets and plastic headband? It was unforgettable and to this day they are still a must-have for many girls who want to keep their calves warm during the winter.

5. Big Hair

Big, 80s hairstyles were always like this: big and full of volume. It didn't matter what type of hair you had, straight, wavy or curly, because in this decade there was always a good option to make your hairstyle stand out from the rest: getting a perm.

Of course, it was also the time when hairspray and hair gel became the best friend of any man or woman who wanted to be fashionable. No amount seemed to be too much. The tighter, bigger and shinier your hair was, the better!

How to Dress Up as a Rocker?

In the 80s rock fashion also became fashionable and millions of people started to dress like the members of their favorite rock bands. Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Guns n' Roses or Kiss are some of the many rock bands that rose to stardom during the 80s.

And although all of them left a great mark on the world on a musical level for their undeniable talent, they also had a great impact on fashion and created a style that today is still used by millions of people: dress like a rocker.

Now, what exactly does it mean to dress like a rocker? Some people say they dress like a rocker, but in reality they don't wear a single piece of clothing that represents this style. Every style has its rules and if you really want to start dressing like a real 80s rocker, you must follow a series of rules.

The five key elements that any rock look should have are:

• A black Biker-style leather jacket. No matter the style, with a belt, without a belt, with pockets and patches or without them, as long as it is made of leather and black it can serve.

• A black cowgirl or a black cowboy vest with patches from the rock groups you like the most. If you don't like skin and you are more about wearing jeans-style clothes, a jacket or a vest will also help you. As long as you don't combine it with a lighter colored jeans, black always has to predominate in your look.

• A basic black, white or gray t-shirt. It is essential that it is of these three colors to combine with your leather jacket or denim jacket. The rest of the colors are not suitable for an authentic rocker look.

• Black high leather boots.

• Eye-catching silver rings. A good rocker always wears an eye-catching accessory, with silver rings and pendants being one of the most used accessories among rock musicians.

What Do I Wear to an 80s Rock Party?

You're going to an 80s rock party tomorrow night. You've been looking forward to this day for weeks and you're ready to get the party started. You've got all your wardrobe pieces picked out and you're ready to rock-but what's missing? Your outfit! That's right, if you want to be the life of the party then it's time for a little more planning than just getting dressed in the morning.

The 80s were a wild time to be alive. From the music to fashion and even the TV shows we watched, it was all about having fun. There was no such thing as being too cheesy or over-the-top in this decade-in fact, it was encouraged! So if you're looking for some inspiration on what to wear at your next 80s party, let's take a look at what different types of rockers wear at these events

1. Scrunchies or Headbands

If you're an 80s baby, chances are that you have a TON of scrunchies in your closet. If not, they're pretty easy to find at any local store or online. There are two main styles: the one-piece elastic band and the two-piece cotton band.

The one-piece is easier to tie and wear, but it also tends to stretch out faster than its two-piece counterpart. You'll want to make sure that whatever type of scrunchy you choose has enough elasticity so that it stays in place all night long-you don't want to keep retying it throughout the party!

Scrunchies come in all sorts of colors-you can go with solid or neon shades like pink and green, or try something bolder like yellow lace or sparkly sequins for some extra pizzazz (but remember: less is more). Plus there's always room for bling!

If you want to keep your hair down, a headband is a good idea. Headbands will add personality, color, and comfort to your 80s rock party outfit. These accessories were worn by women of all ages in the '80s, but are especially popular with younger girls.

There are two main reasons why people choose headbands: either they want their hair out of their face whilst dancing around like crazy OR they want something pretty as part of their outfit...or both!

2. Oversized shirt

If you're looking to embody the rock star or band member look, opt for an oversized shirt. This will give you a little extra swagger and confidence-you know like you have because of your natural talent, not because of drug use.

The best-oversized shirts are ones with collars; they really make you feel like a true rock star. If you have small breasts, this is ideal since it will give the illusion that they are larger than they actually are. The same goes for guys who have large chests; wearing an oversized shirt can help create some balance between your upper and lower halves.

For boys with broad shoulders who don't want to wear dresses or skirts but also want a feminine silhouette, wearing one of these shirts is perfect! It will create a nice hourglass shape while still keeping their masculinity intact by flattening out their chest area and making them appear more narrow through the hips than usual (which is always good).

3. The Neon or Pastel Look

A neon or pastel look can work for you, but you may have to be brave! Neon colors are a common 80s rock party "look," so if the other guests are wearing them it's usually not too bold. If you're going to go this route, make sure to wear something that fits well and doesn't look like it came from the kids' section.

Pastels are also popular for 80s rock parties. Mint green is a good option if you want something different than what everyone else will be wearing at the party; otherwise, just stick with the classics: pink, yellow and blue are all very eye-catching. When choosing these colors make sure they stand out against your skin tone; if they don't then they could actually work against your goal of standing out in an interesting way!

If you decide on a top with any kind of print or pattern (plaids/florals) then pair it with jeans or leggings that match that pattern exactly-but only do this if there's enough fabric left in front after cutting off the sleeves so that it hangs nicely on top without folding inward onto itself over time due to friction between cloth layers rubbing together (which happens especially fast when wearing tight pants).

And remember: always wear a bra underneath those tops because no one wants to see those undergarments peeking through when bending over."

4. The Punk Rock Look

The punk rock look is all about rebelling against the establishment, and showing that you don't need to follow social norms. This look was popularized by bands like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols in the 1970s, which means you'll find some classic wardrobe staples that are easy to pull off even today.

Here are the must-have wardrobe stables to complete your 80s Punk Rock Look

• Leather jacket: A true staple of the punk rock movement. Classic leather jackets can be found at any thrift store or vintage clothing store, but if you want something a little more modern, try an oversized black leather biker jacket instead!

• Ripped jeans: Your ripped jeans should have holes big enough to show your socks-you can avoid looking sloppy if you keep them around ankle length (no snowboarding style here).

• Studded belts and combat boots: A pair of studded belts or combat boots will complete your punk look!

5. The Rocker Look

There are three types of people at rock parties: the band members, the groupies, and everyone else. If you want to fit in with the crowd (and stand out from it), you should go for a more rocker look. The best way to do this is by wearing jeans and sneakers or boots-the perfect footwear for a good time on stage or off.

A band logo t-shirt or leather jacket is also an option if you want to make sure that people know who your favorite musician was back in the day. Finally, consider topping off your outfit with an iconic hat like a beret-it's something that no one can forget!

It was a time of excess, from the cocaine-fueled parties to the designer clothes and accessories. The 80s fashion are fondly remembered as a decade of glamour, partying, and fun. However, don't get caught up worrying about whether your outfit is authentic because after all, it's all about your personal style and taste.

If you're looking for a way to celebrate this amazing time in history with your friends, an 80s rock party is exactly what you need! There's no better way to get your body moving than by dancing out those calories at an epic music festival-and what better music than 80s rock?

5 Iconic 80s Rocker Outfits for Male

1.All in black

One of the rocker looks that will never fail you to go to a concert or to go out with your friends is to wear all black. Black leather jacket with pockets, black shirt, black skinny jeans and black shoes/boots. If you also add some nice black sunglasses you will get a modern and sexy rock look.

2. Beard and tattoos

Being a rocker is also often associated with growing your hair and beard and getting rock-related tattoos on your body, such as a big guitar or the verse of one of your favorite songs. If you combine both elements and wear sleeveless black denim and ripped jeans with tall leather boots, you'll get a super casual and trendy rock look.

3. Rocker with a country touch

If you add to your black outfit a nice black velvet hat and a worn vest, you get a perfect combination between rock and country. And the truth is that they are two styles that look really good and that will make you look amazingly attractive!

4. Goodbye T-shirt!

Many rock lovers love to wear their leather jackets and denim vests with nothing underneath, just like the great rock stars did. What could be sexier?

5. Rock can also have color

If you want to dress up for a summer rock concert and you don't feel like wearing very dark clothes or fabrics as thick as leather because they will make you feel hot, you can also choose to wear tank tops or short-sleeved shirts with flashy designs of one of your favorite rock bands and combine them with a simple pair of jeans and black sneakers.

Rocker? Yes, but cool!

5 Iconic 80S Rocker Outfits for Female

1. Classic but effective

When we think of a woman dressed as a rocker the first image that comes to mind is pretty much like the one in the picture: cropped Iron Maiden t-shirt, red lips, high-waisted jeans and lots of rings. It's a classic rock look but a really good one, and it can be worn both to attend a festival and to go out for a walk around your city.

2. Skirts are also rock

A good way to break with the traditional look is to change the jeans for a daring black leather skirt, combined with black heels, a short-sleeved rock t-shirt and a black leather handbag. Sexy, rocker and elegant. All at the same time!

3. Grunge + rock

Another trendy combination that will never fail you is to mix elements of grunge fashion with some classic rock style garments. For example, a burgundy cardigan together with a black crop top and some super tight black leather pants. It's a really daring look that will leave no one indifferent when they see you!

4. Rocker outfit jeans

Ripped jeans combined with a nice black leather jacket, basic grey t-shirt and black vans are an essential look for any rocker woman. It's basic but it will always make you feel good!

5. Dark denim

As we explained in the five basic rock looks for men, going for an all-black look is just as valid for girls. A black leather jacket, black jeans and black boots are some of the best rock looks out there. It never disappoints!

And here is our brief compilation of fashion trends and rock outfits during the wonderful and unforgettable decade of the 80s. A wonderful time that, as you have been able to see, has left us with an infinity of trends that will never leave us no matter how much time passes.

If you want to try some rocker aesthetic outfit, grab a cool leather jacket and jeans can be super easy to style the 80s rock fashion.

We hope you liked it and that it has served as inspiration for your next outfits!

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