10 Essential Gears You Need When Riding A Motorcycle

10 Essential Gears You Need When Riding A Motorcycle


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Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun. You get to enjoy the massage of the breeze against your skin coupled with the brightness of the sun if it's summer. But all of these come with the dangers of riding. It has been estimated that motorcycle riders are 28 times more prone to accidents than vehicle occupants. Don’t let that figure scare you. There are important gears that can protect you when you ride even as a beginner.

This article will guide you on the gear essentials for motorcycle riding. Motorcycle riding demands peculiar skills and expertise. And in the same vein, it requires some basic apparel and accessories. These necessary add-ons are needed for safety, convenience, and comfort when riding. Some of these gears are non-negotiable while some other ones are more dependent on the riding situations.

essential gears for riding a motorcycle

If you are just starting as a motorcycle rider, this guide will help you decide on the must-have gears. We have carefully selected 10 gears that you will need to kick-start your motorcycling with safety in focus. Remember that the hazard of riding a motorcycle is greatly reduced when you use the right safety gear. Here are the 10 most essentials safety gears you need:

What gear is most important when riding a motorcycle?

Now let’s get started with the most important gears for any motorcycle rider. There are five things you must wear for a safe ride.


essential gears helmet motorcycle

Injuries to the head are usually very fatal even when it doesn’t lead to mortality. So, the first thing you need is a motorcycle helmet. There are several benefits of riding a motorcycle with a helmet.

Most obviously is the protection for your head and all that is connected to it. The head houses four major organs with the master asset as the brain. All these important body pieces are kept safe with a helmet.

Consider the use of a helmet similar to the use of seat belts in a car. More benefits of it are protection from insects and dirt flying in the air. This is especially the case when you use a full-face helmet. You can choose from different types depending on what is required by your local law.

Leather Jacket

leather jacket essential gears motorcycle

This is one for the body. A piece leather jacket is not only meant for looking hot. It is also important for a motorcycle rider to wear one for body protection. A leather jacket guides your skin against physical injuries not just in case of a fall or accident. It also protects against physical elements that may be in the air.

Riding in the open air will mean a lot of wind, and the leather jacket will keep you from getting cold. Even when the weather is warm, you need a leather jacket to protect your body against any impact. Several biker leather jacket designs can offer you the best combination of class and safety. You should check out a nice leather jacket for yourself.


essential motorcyclr gears gloves

On the outer look, riding gloves may seem like an unimportant piece. But a deeper look at it will make a lot of sense. Riding with gloves is a very key protection for your hands in case of an accident. It is a natural reflex to use your hands when you are in flight. With gloves on, you will be protected against the serious impact on your fingers and palm.

Leather gloves can be the best option, especially with their cute look. More than the protection, riding gloves elevate your look as a rider. It adds some of the rockstar styles to the mix. You can pick from other options like mesh gloves, gauntlet gloves with knuckle protectors, or snowmobile gloves.


motorcycle gears boots for biker

Motorcycle boots are not a pair of fancy tennis boots that you wear on a regular outing. The boots you need for motorcycle riding are meant to offer over-the-ankle protection. Any sporty shoe does not qualify then. You need sturdy and above-the-ankle boots.

You can use work boots that go above the ankle if you don't want to spend money on a new pair of boots. Motorcycle boots protect the feet and the small bones around them. It also gives a firm grip when riding or at any moment you may need to use your feet for control.


This is the least used motorcycle gear among riders. Motorcycle pants are needed to protect your legs. A pair of jeans is not a worthy substitute for motorcycle pants. A slide on the road will get any denim torn into pieces

important motorcycle gears and essential motorcycle accessories

What accessories does every Motorcycle Biker need?

Basic gears are needed for your riding safety, but they are not all that is needed. There are accessories that you need for more convenience and safety as you ride a motorcycle. Some of these accessories are not compulsory but they are needed.

Body Armor


The use of body armor is important for motorcycle racing. It is not a primary gear for normal daily commuting. As you go from a beginner to more sophisticated motorcycling, you need to add body armor to your safety gear collection.

If you're not investing in full body armor, you should consider elbow and knee pads. The joints at the elbow and the knees are prone to dislocation in case of an accident. Using knee and elbow pads will help you protect these joints.


important motorcycle accessories sunglasses

Motorcycle helmets have been discussed as one of the basic things you need. Depending on the helmet type, you may or may not need sunglasses. Because you will be exposed to high wind and flight of bugs in the hair, you need to protect your eyes.

Many people can't even keep a good focus when the wind blows on their eyes, so you need to shield your eyes to have a nice ride. Using a full helmet removes the need for this accessory. But an open helmet depends on having sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Phone Mount

phone mount motorcycle accessories

Your phone may be your source of navigation or a means of communication while you ride. There is a need to have a phone mount. You don't need to worry about holding your phone while riding. A phone mount will afford you easy access to map information, weather forecast, and even music streams from your phone.

A good phone mount will ensure a secured and stationed positioning of your phone. The phone must be firmly fixed so that it doesn't become a hazard on your ride. So, make sure to get a good phone mount for your ride.

Motorcycle Earplugs

important motorcycle accessories motorcycle earplugs

Noise is a major issue when riding a motorcycle. One source of noise is your engine and another one is the busy traffic and air around you. Ear protection is then necessary with such a noisy exposure. Ear plugs are the protective pieces that keep your hearing assets from damage.

While you block off the noise, you need to hear important sounds like the honk of a fellow road user. There are modern Ear plugs that filter out the noise and still allow you to hear important sounds. You should get earplugs that will not just block out every sound. You need to keep your awareness of important sounds.


important motorcycle accessories backpack

Finally, you need a no-drag backpack. Stability while riding a motorcycle is priceless. You may need to carry some things in a backpack or bag. Depending on the size or weight of your package, there will be air drag on the bag. To avoid this unnecessary disturbance to your stability, get a no-drag motorcycle bag.

The no-drag backpack will improve your riding safety. You need to secure the bag contents and at the same time balance the aerodynamics of the bag. Simply, you need a sturdy, yet stationary bag.


Motorcycling is a worthy course, it comes with a load of fun. It can also be a fast means of commute, a means of relaxation, or a game. Whatever the reason for getting on that bike, you need some gear for safety and comfort. The five basic gears you need as a beginner starts with a motorcycle helmet. You need to protect your head and all that is connected to it.

A leather jacket is needed for your body protection as well as gloves. Your tennis won't pass as a riding boot, so get the right boots. Don't ride in shorts or a jean, a motorcycle pant is best to wear. More accessories that you need have also been mentioned. These are also meant to keep your riding experience fun and safe.

Body armor is good and essential gears specially when you are a beginner about riding a motorcycle, especially for your ribs and joints. Knee and elbow pads are usually preferred. You also need a phone mount, ear plugs, sunglasses, and a backpack.

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