7 Insanely Efficiency Ways to Clean or Care A Leather Jacket

7 Insanely Efficiency Ways to Clean or Care A Leather Jacket


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Learn how to clean and maintain your leather jacket to make sure it stays looking new and functioning properly.

If you let your leather jacket dry or crack out, it’s not going to protect you the same way it will if it is properly maintained. In the whole season, you are wearing while you are riding a motorcycle, it protects you from bad weather and the elements, so, it deserves some special care, doesn’t it?

Leather Jacket

In this post, I’m going to show you 7 easy ways to clean or maintain a leather jacket (easy and fast) at home.

A leather jacket is a staple piece that every man should have in his wardrobe. However, a good quality leather jacket should be taken care of with patience. When you are considering clothing care, it's important to know which type of materials the clothing used. A nice clothing care can let your garments last longer. You cannot just throw it in the washing machine like other types of clothes. A good cleaning guide can make a leather jacket work well and serve you well for further in time.

If you have problems cleaning or maintaining a leather jacket, I’ve got 7 quick solutions to clean or maintain a leather jacket in minutes. I will break it down into 2 separate parts: Cleaning (interior & exterior) and Maintainance. Let's dive right in.

How To Clean A Leather Jacket at Home

Clean for Leather Jackets of Exterior Part

The exterior part of your leather jackets, that’s really the part it collects the most grime and dust. It’s probably the part that you’re most concerned about for making sure leather garments stay and look clean.

Leather Jacket cleaning

Most of the time, your leather jacket won’t absorb stains readily. However, you should make sure what you’re going to choose for cleaning the leather since you do not want to use something that could damage the natural color patina or shell of the jacket.

Avoid anything that includes silicones or waxes because that can dry out the leather. Additionally, stay away from animal oil products. Using animal oil products can actually cause the leather to discolor in most cases.

Leather Jacket cleaning  instructions

It’s important to choose a cleaner that is appropriate for leather. If you have any trouble or struggle to figure out which one to use, take note of what the actual cleaning instructions say on the garment. Follow the instructions and use the right cleaners.

There’re 4 easy-to-finish tips about how to clean the exterior of a leather jacket at home.

Cleaning a Leather Jacket: Way 1 - Use a baby wipe

Baby Wipe

For general cleaning purposes, or if your leather jacket has a particular spot or stain like a food stain, use a baby wipe to wipe off the dust and the grime. It won’t hurt the leather at all. Wipe the dust and the stained spot of the leather jacket; you can easily take these unwanted additions off, fast and effectively.

Baby wipes are useful for all types of leather apparel such as leather jackets, leather pants, and leather tracksuits.

Why Baby Wipes?

Good enough for babies’ is good enough for our leather skin jackets! They can clean the leather jacket as soon as possible.

When finished cleaning, you’re going to have a nice and clean leather garment but it’s going to be a little wet, so you need to let the jacket dry thoroughly before wearing it.

Cleaning a Leather Jacket: Way 2 - Use a fine leather lotion

leather lotion

In this case, you should know the type of your leather garment and buy a suitable leather lotion accordingly. Choosing the right cleaner is the first step in the right direction.

For general cleaning or restoration of the leather jacket, use a fine leather lotion to moisturize the leather. Spray the lotion on a towel or a soft cotton cloth rag, do not apply it directly to the jacket. This ensures you are using just the right amount of lotion cleaner for the purpose. Use circular motions of the lotion dabbed cloth on the exterior of the leather garments to clean the spot and the whole surface.

The leather lotion will absorb the dust into the towel and restore a little bit of the leather as it dries. If your towel gets too soiled with the dust, use some warm water, rinse that out and make sure the towel stays nice, and then continue to clean with a fresh dab of lotion till the whole jacket is cleaned

The lotion will partially restore the jacket but won’t do it totally. It will add some moisture and soften the leather a little bit.

Cleaning a Leather Jacket: Way 3 – Use a solvent or a hand cream

Hand Cream

For something like paint or ink, use a solvent or a hand cream. Spray the solvent on the towel or use a little bit of hand cream on the spot, rub it gently, till you find the spot is gone.

A thinner type of nature solvent is a also good way to take off the spot and ink. Also, the usual hand cream that everyone has at home can be used to take off the paint and ink stains.

Why Hand Cream?

We, at PalaLeather, employ the vegetable tanning process and do not add chemical dyes, so there are no discoloration and odor problems if you use hand cream.

PalaLeather fills the pores of the animal hide with high-level protein molecules during treatment, which is as good as our skin, so using a hand cream can easily take off the spot and ink.

Cleaning A Leather Jacket: Way 4 – Get a professional leather cleaner

Professional Leather Cleaner

If you want to clean the leather garments yourself for lack of time or other reasons, get help from a professional leather cleaning service and let them know what you’d like to do with it. They can undoubtedly handle the cleaning for you.

Clean for Leather Jackets of Interior Part

Some modern leather jackets come with an antimicrobial liner which helps to wick sweat away. If you’re a track rider, don’t miss checking for your signature Pala Leather leather jacket on sale with a jacket liner, which is removable. You can simply pull it out and throw it into a washing machine while cleaning.

PalaLeather leather jacket

Cleaning the Interior of Leather Jackets: Way 1 -Pull the liner out and air it

In other cases, even after wearing it a couple of times, if the jacket is still clean, all you just need to do is to air it for a while. Pull the antimicrobial liner out and simply put your jacket on a hanger, set it outside, and just let it breathe for a few hours.

Febreze - Fabric Spray


Cleaning Interior of Leather Jackets: Way 2- Use eliminators

If you sweat more, you need to approach cleaning in another way. Don’t worry, it’s easy! Use a bit of an eliminator to help mask the odor. Turn the jacket completely inside out, spray the eliminator on the inside liner and hang it up.

Let it dry completely before you turn it outside again. Put the armor back into the inside of the jacket. Once you complete this process, the cleaning of the interior of the jacket finishes well and the jacket smells fresh and good.

How to Maintain A Leather Jacket

 Leather Jacket maintenance


Once you’ve retrieved your clean dry leather jacket, it’s all set to undergo the next step, necessary for its maintenance. Maintaining leather means giving all those essential oils back to the jacket that it has lost during wearing and rugged use.

Maintain your leather jacket about once a year. If you’re aggressively using or not using it so frequently, you might do it twice a year. Beware of overtly maintaining the jacket as it can lead to discoloration and clog the pores leading to premature damage of the leather. Keep this in mind as a rule of thumb.

Leather Conditioning Product

Use a fine leather conditioning product. There’s a slew of different options out there. Once you choose one, make sure you follow the instructions on your particular conditioner religiously. Use a liberal amount of leather conditioner on a damp sponge and work through the whole leather surface.

Once you finish maintaining it, set it aside in a nicely-ventilated space. Let it dry; once it’s dry, you can wear it again as you did earlier, go out and enjoy your life.

For continued care, you don’t need to restore the entire leather jacket. Just using the cleaning tips mentioned earlier, on the stained spot. It will be enough.

Those are all tips from PalaLeather about how to clean a leather jacket in a fast and effective way. Which tip are you going to try first? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Buy wholesale leather jackets from Pala Leather at the best rates from the collection or order a custom-made leather jacket for yourself. Let us know if you want to learn more about cleaning and maintaining your leather jacket.


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