12 Ways to Style Custom Bride Wedding Leather Jacket 2022

12 Ways to Style Custom Bride Wedding Leather Jacket 2022


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Weddings are now more trendy than they used to be with the in-vogue bride leather jacket addition. It is now all shades of funky with custom bride leather jackets making the way to the aisle in grand style. Have you been thinking of how to stun on your wedding day without leaving out your love for leather jackets? Just get yourself a sweaty glass of juice or wine because you're about to find out how!

You're in for the best read for a long while with these 12 ways to style custom bride leather jackets in 2022. The good thing about this rock n roll appearance is that the jacket will always be a favorite piece.

A wedding gown is usually out of use after the party, but a custom leather jacket is surely going to slay and stay. You can have an exhilarating wedding gown combined with a chic custom leather jacket for an unforgettable bridal entrance at your wedding.

It does not matter the bridal jacket type you have a flair for, there is a custom bride style that fits into it. We have carefully selected 12 trendy bride jacket ideas to be an elegant bride in a custom leather jacket on your big day, even pair your wifey leather jacket with your bridesmaid leather jacket to have a different wedding theme. And this can be your lucky jacket for other eventful moments in the future. Here are the different ways you can adopt a leather jacket to your wedding:

12 Custom Bride Leather Jacket Styles

Hand Lettered Wedding Name Bride Leather Jacket

One chic style for a bespoke bride leather jacket is to have a handwritten wedding name on the back. The lettering can just be the Mrs. XYZ alone or with some DIY Hand Painted floral designs decorations. Custom-made Hand Lettered Mrs leather jackets are now popular outfits for brides. This can also be incorporated into denim or jean jacket. The leather color can be black, or brown depending on your preference. Another thing is the option of adding the wedding date.

Wifey Bridal Leather Jacket

For a short inscription, you can opt to have "wifey" instead of the whole "Mrs" thing on your bridal leather jacket. This is cool for a minimalistic design. The wifey can be patches iron-on, printed, hand-lettered, or painted on the jacket. For a less minimal look, the wedding date can be added to the design. Almost any color combo can be achieved with the right design and combination.

Just Married Wedding Leather Jacket

A perfect custom leather jacket for after parties or a honeymoon trip is one with the "just married" design. There is no better way to mark your presence than with the classy announcement of a custom bridal leather jacket.

As a Bride-to-be, this can be in combination with hand-painted flowers or the wedding date. It can be hand painted, printed, or handwritten on the black or white leather jacket. This can also be replicated for the groom to give a matching vibe on the honeymoon voyage.

Embroidered Wedding Leather Jacket

Custom bride leather jackets can be made to glow with the perfect embroidery. This is usually achieved by the printing or careful painting. The embroidery can be accompanied by the writing of the wedding name or wifey or just married.

A white leather bride jacket seems more likely to make this pop well. You can imagine a colorful to pink embroidery on a white leather background. With the biker jacket basic and embroidery, it sure looks appealing to the mind.

Pairing a black leather jacket with your wedding dress would also be a great idea. A unique embroidery pattern on the wedding jacket will make this bridal leather jacket one-of-a-kind.

Studded with Embroidery Bridal Leather Jacket

You're looking for something more rockstar? Then get a custom leather jacket with studs. A studded bride leather moto jacket can be made with hand-drawn or printed embroidery to make it more attention-grabbing.

You can select the kinds of studs you want or better still add badges on the leather jacket. Studs can be added along the shoulder or at the back of the jacket. All of these can be customized to your taste, check PalaLeather’s custom made services.

Collar Designs Wedding Jacket

The perfect style for a minimalist is the collar design. A custom bride painted leather jacket can be made with the wedding name on the collar. This makes the name less conspicuous making the jacket more adaptable for other outings. Apart from the wedding name, the collar print may just be the wedding date which would make the embellished bridal leather jacket more attractive.

Mrs. Leather Jacket

Another minimal option is to have the word "Mrs" on the jacket without the name. There is always the option of getting it handwritten, painted, or printed on the wedding leather jacket. It can be done on a bomber, bicker, or any type of jacket you want. You can style this up with floral printed or painted around the back of the jacket to get a special bridal look. Good use of some bright color on a neutral background is always great.

Till Death Wedding Jacket

Words or phrases that show commitment and love are also popular in styling a custom bridal jacket. You can have custom hand "till death" on the jacket to show mutual commitment. This can be done for the groom as well to show mutuality.

More words like "till forever", and "love you always" can also be your choice. The beauty of these words is highlighted by the calligraphic design that accompanies them.

Personalized Fringe Jacket

Adding fringes to the back of your custom bride jacket is already a standout move. More personalization can be any of the handwritten, painted, or printed options of wedding name, "Mrs", or "till death". There is no limit to the possibility of making your wedding jacket magnificent. You can have the fringes with the hand painting.

Hand Painted Floral Bridal Jacket

Without the words, a hand-painted floral bride's jacket is a masterpiece. In most cases, this customization is accompanied by the writing of wedding names. But you can also just opt for a beautiful floral painting without the name. The design is not limited to the back of the jacket. It can extend to the sleeves or the front of the jacket.

White Hand-painted Leather Jacket

White has traditionally been associated with white weddings and the choice of a white custom bride leather jacket is not a bad one. The white is not usually sparkling, it is a shade closer to cream. The jacket can be customized with hand paintings. The painting can be the wedding name, floral, calligraphy, wedding date, or the wedding hashtag.

Printed Motorcycle Bridal Jacket

A bridal leather jacket is not limited to any type of jacket but a motorcycle bridal jacket is lovely. This can be used by the whole bridal train with the bride's piece especially distinguished. The bridal train can have "babe" while the brides can have "wifey" or "bride". The jacket can be black or brown with white to cream prints on the back.

How long does it take to make a custom wedding jacket?

It depends on the complexity of the customization. Simple hand painted letters may only take 2-3 days to complete, and if a hand-painted flower design is required, this may extend the customization time to 7-10 days. More complex custom designs may take even longer, taking about half a month to complete.

If you don't want to wait that long, or if your wedding date is near, then I suggest you can buy ready-made jackets. There are many stores online that sell ready-made jackets, so you can get the jacket style you want more efficiently.

How much does a custom wedding jacket cost?

If you purchase the custom wedding jacket on Amazon or Etsy, then there are many beautiful wedding jacket choices around $50-$100 which are super pride friendly but you may be aware that these may be faux leather jackets not real leather jackets.

There would also be some stores that sell high quality custom made wedding jackets from $200-$1000. The hand paint would be more delicate and the price would be higher.

Final Thought

You're already imagining how you will glow in a cute custom leather jacket for your wedding already? You're surely engaging in the right activity and now you have a good array of styles to choose from. You can always get the best leather jackets for yourself at the right place.

You can shop the custom bride leather jacket from etsy with an affordable price but it may be the faux leather jacket. If you want a high quality bespoke bridal wedding genuine leather jacket, you can check PalaLeather’s custom made services which provide several design choice for you.

These 12 custom bride leather jacket styles are not all, there can be more from your imagination.

Surely, these 12 styles are the perfect motivation to inspire you to a lovely leather jacket wedding. Remember that you can always style your custom bride jacket to another intimate date night with your hubby or probably a family thanksgiving. A custom leather jacket is calling your name. Now is the time to answer that call!

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