Do leather jacket stretch and how

Do leather jacket stretch and how


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Have you ever wonder do leather jacket stretch? The answer is Yes, leather clothing can be stretched because leather is elastic.

A good leather jacket should be soft, flexible and elastic. The most common genuine leather jackets is usually made of cowhide, sheepskin and pigskin. The cowhide is thick, stiff, and durable; sheep and goat skins are more delicate and soft; pigskin is strong and durable, but the leather is relatively rough. Different materials has slight differences in elasticity.


Genuine leather have good resilience

One of the advantage of genuine leather jacket is good resilience, that’s the reasons why leather jacket is not afraid of wrinkles. If your leather jacket has creases or wrinkles during use or under wrong storage method, just hang it up, and slowly it will return to its original state by itself. (Note: If your leather jacket is not flat, do not iron it directly. The iron directly touches the leather, heat transfer will be too fast and the temperature will be too high, which will cause the leather to scorch, harden, and cause irreversible damage.)

However, the elasticity of leather jackets is limited. If you buy a leather jacket which just fit, but you prefer to wear a thick sweater or a lot of other clothes underneath, you may can’t zipper up or even cannot put the jacket on. Therefore, if you like to wear a loose coat or like to wear thick clothes underneath, then you can consider those loose shape jackets or getting a larger size when you buy leather jackets.


If you have already purchased a leather jacket, but you find that it is a bit tight or not properly fit, you can also try several methods to stretch the leather jacket. Here are a few tips shown below that can be given to you as suggestions.

4 Ways to stretch leather jackets

1. By wearing it often


The first way is also the most simple one. This is because leather stretches naturally. Whether it is leather jackets, leather pants, leather skirts, leather shoes or leather bags, they all have this feature. They will be stretched naturally during your continued use. The more you use, the faster they will be stretched. But the disadvantage of this method is that it will take a while, depending on the material and craft used in the leather product, and how often you use it.

2. Move Your Body


Another easy way is to put on your leather jacket and deliberately move your body with a purpose. For example, if you find that it's too tight for your arms, and your purpose is to stretch the sleeves. Then you can get your arms into a ninety degree and give a hug move it up, move it across your chest. Or, raise your arms in the air and rotate in circles. In this way, your clothes can be stretched quickly.

3. Use Stretching Spray or Conditioner


Using stretching spray or conditioner is also a simple way. They will make the leather more elastic and softer. If you use stretching spray, put it on immediately after spraying. After putting it on, perform a moderate stretch in the correct way. If it is a conditioner, apply it with a soft cloth and wait for a while to ensure that the leather has absorbed the chemicals before putting it on. It is commonly used in leather products such as leather jackets, leather shoes.

4. Weight it down


If you don't have much time to stretch it yourself, you can try this method. Just hang the leather jackets on the hanger, and put some heavy objects(such as a can) in the pockets of the jacket, it will eventually stretch.

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