Is Genuine Leather Good for Jackets?

Is Genuine Leather Good for Jackets?


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Many people have wondered what the difference between genuine leather and imitation leather is. What is genuine leather? Is it always good to choose genuine leather over a faux or synthetic? There are many different things to take into consideration when deciding if one should buy a jacket made from genuine leather.

The information in this post can help you decide for yourself if real cowhide is your best choice for a new jacket.

what is genuine leather

What is genuine leather?

Genuine leather is any material that is made of the skin of an animal. It has been tanned, and then becomes a durable fiber that can be used for clothing, shoes, furniture and other purpose. There are different types of leathers, such as cowhide, sheepskin, goat skin and more.

Real goatskin, lambskin and cowhide is probably the best known, since it's what many people picture when they think of a jacket made from genuine leather.

Genuine leather can be processed using softer or harder methods. The yield is often less than 10% so it can be very expensive to create.

This type of leather is often used for jackets and shoes because it retains its shape and has a soft texture.

Synthetic & faux leathers

faux leather

These are materials that are not made from the skin of an animal, but instead from plastic. The texture is often familiar to genuine leather and is what people are most interested in when purchasing a leather jacket.

Most synthetic & faux leathers will have a shinier appearance, while genuine leather can look more matte.

There are many different types of synthetic and faux leather materials, with some being more durable than others.

Is Genuine Leather Good for Jackets?

Is Genuine Leather Good for Jackets

The most important factor when choosing a jacket is the quality of the materials used. Regardless of the type of leather used for a jacket, if it is not durable then it is not worth purchasing. Genuine leather is a material that has been used for centuries and will last a very long time if made correctly.

Although there are definitely different grades of cowhide, genuine leather is more durable than synthetic & faux leathers when it comes to jackets.

Imitation leathers will usually start to break down after many uses and can become very uncomfortable to wear.

genuine leather is good for jackets

So is genuine leather good for jackets?

Yes, genuine leather is good for jackets. It's not only good looking, but it's a durable material that will last you a long time. The feel of real leather is very nice and wearing one will make you feel confident. You won't be disappointed if you choose a jacket made from genuine leather as your first or next one.

Genuine leather is good for jackets because it will look very good, be durable and will last a long time. If you're looking for a jacket that feels like real leather, then a genuine leather jacket is exactly what you should get.

Genuine leather can be dyed in different colors, so it's possible to match your jacket with almost any color.

Why genuine leather is good for jacket?

1. Affordable

Leather jackets can cost a lot of money, but sometimes it's just for a look. If you choose to buy a genuine leather jacket, you will have invested in something that will last you for years and possibly generations.

Genuine leather can be tanned in many different ways, which will usually result in a softer and more natural looking final product. Jackets made from genuine leather will also last for many years, since their structure is very durable.

2. Durable & flexible material

Leather jackets are so versatile and durable that they can be worn on rainy days or even used as an extra layer when it gets chilly outside. You can layer clothes underneath or wear it on top depending on what you need.

Genuine leather is a very durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear. Even if you are rough on your jacket, it will most likely last a very long time.

genuine leather jacket is durable

3. Natural look

Most people are more likely to choose a jacket made from genuine leather because they know that the natural fibers look beautiful. It's also the closest thing to real leather, so it just gives you that authentic look. If you and your friends are into hunting or fishing, this will be a great choice for your next attire.

Genuine leather has been tanned for thousands of years to make the perfect material for clothing. The texture of genuine leather is very natural. It has a soft, matte finish and will retain its shape. The texture is what many people are looking for when purchasing a new jacket.

4. New & Old Styles

The texture of genuine leather will keep the look of your jacket new, even after years of wear. This is not the case for faux leather because it will start to look and feel worn down after time.

One of the best parts about wearing a real leather jacket is how warm and flexible it can be. You can throw it on in the morning over your favorite shirt or wear it to work when it's chilly outside.

Genuine leather jackets look very sophisticated

5. Genuine leather jackets look very sophisticated

Genuine leather is not only durable and comfortable, it can be very classy. The color and texture of genuine leather varies from each animal it was taken from, so you'll have no two jackets that are exactly the same either.

You can add a variety of different styles to your wardrobe depending on the type of jacket you choose. Whether you have a chic casual style or an elegant look for special occasions, genuine leather will always be a great choice.

6. Easy to maintain

Genuine leather is very easy to maintain. If you spill something on it, you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and not have to worry about your jacket becoming ruined. It will not stain easily either, which is another reason why the material is so popular for garments.

Leather jackets are very easy to clean because of the color and texture of real leather.

The texture of genuine leather is similar enough that cleaning them will not be a problem.

Waxing your leather jacket can extend its life and help it to preserve its look and form. The longer you take care of your genuine leather jacket, the longer it will last for years to come.

wearing a leather jacket is how durable it can be in all kinds of weather.

7. Versatility

One of the best parts about wearing a leather jacket is how durable it can be in all kinds of weather.

You can wear it on rainy days or windy winter days when you need an extra layer to keep warm.

Genuine leather will be able to withstand anything Mother Nature throws at you.

8. The material has no adverse effects

oil your genuine leather jacket

As a healthy material, genuine leather has been used for thousands of years without any adverse side effects. It is completely safe to wear and it will not harm you in any way when you are wearing a genuine leather jacket.

Can your jacket be stained by real leather?

Because genuine leather is made from animal skin, it will have natural oils in it. It's okay to oil your real leather piece periodically or occasionally just like you would oils on your skin.

Some people may prefer to wash their jackets instead of oiling them because they prefer a fresh scent rather than an old, dry smell.

However, be careful before washing in cold water because the oils could become saturated and start to turn the jacket a different color.

Harmful substances

Genuine leather can be stained when it comes into contact with harmful substances or excessive heat.

Anything that is too hot or hot-tempered can damage your genuine leather jacket and will ruin the fibers that make up the material.

This is why you should only use a dry cloth to clean your garment. It's a good idea to clean your genuine leather jacket out at least once every two months, even if it looks clean.

How to care for genuine leather?

How to care for genuine leather?

Genuine leather is very easy to care for. You'd just need to oil it periodically and you'll be in good shape.

Remember that a little bit of oil goes a long way. If you want your jacket to become softer and more flexible, then you should avoid using too much oil.

Pay attention to the texture of your jacket as well, because excess oils can make it look "greasy" or feel stiff and uncomfortable.

Be sure to check the instructions that came with your jacket to see which kind of oil or cleaning agent is best for it.

On the other hand, too little oil can cause your genuine leather jacket to become very stiff and uncomfortable, so you'll want to be careful about this as well.

genuine leather jacket for men


In conclusion, genuine leather is the best material for a leather jacket. If you're looking for something new and authentic to wear, you should definitely consider purchasing a Genuine leather jacket.

It will be a wise investment that is sure to last you for years if taken care of properly.

Genuine leather is a fantastic material for your next jacket or any other garment you want to buy. It will be the most durable and natural choice you can make.

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