5 Men's Leather Jacket Styles To Suit Every Situation

5 Men's Leather Jacket Styles To Suit Every Situation


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Nowadays, you don't have to be a rock star or a biker to own one.Men's leather jackets are a staple of any wardrobe. They can instantly dress up or down an outfit. If you invest wisely and keep careful, leather jackets can last a lifetime. There are almost as many variations in style and fit as there are reasons to wear one. Leather jackets are also popular with celebrities such as Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna. They often wear them to show off their individual style.

Leather jackets are quite stylish and timeless. So it's no surprise that they appear on the backs of men everywhere. Whether you're heading out on the town with friends or you want to impress a client the right leather jacket is there for you. Here is a list of 5 styles of men's leather jackets that will suit any man's style and situation:

1. Leather Bomber Jacket – The Perfect Choice For Active Wear

If you enjoy outdoor activities such as working out or hiking,  mens leather bomber jackets are great choice for you. It will keep you warm without adding excess bulk, and it won't weigh you down if you need to carry anything with you as well. If it gets chilly at night, layer up underneath it with a softshell or sweatshirt. And it looks best with a denim shirt underneath.

The bomber jacket is the most classic of all leather jackets. Particularly popular in the 1940s and 50s, due to sheepskin leather used in combat by pilots during the war! This style has made a comeback throughout the years.

2.The Moto Jacket- A biker’s choice

It’s hard to imagine a biker without a super stylish leather jacket. Hollywood and moto stars have increased the popularity of moto jackets in recent years.

Starting from back long designs to cover the kidneys of bikers, to the short style with long sleeves. They can be customized for patches of different companies. They are available in all styles from punk to retro. And in a variety of colors black, brown and even white. Moto leather jackets look great in combination with clean, slim-cut tailoring or sharp separates, such as a shirt and tie and leather pants.


3. Trench coat leather jacket- For a more authentic look

Trench coats were first designed for British soldiers in the trenches during the First World War. They were designed as a practical outerwear option for soldiers who were fighting in the war's cold weather conditions. These days, trench coats are still popular and are often worn over professional shirts and pants or slim-fit jeans for a casual look. It may be the perfect thing to wear on Halloween if you want to look like James Dean, or you could wear it with some jeans and a t-shirt on your way to class.

4. Hooded leather jacket- Ultra casual look

A hooded leather jacket with sneakers or boots is the ultimate choice for those who prefer a more casual style. Also, the dapper 3/4 length Chesterfield style is ideal for a smart crisp look.

5. Punk leather jacket- To show it off

Punk culture is incomplete without a customized punk leather jacket. Silver-studded, colorful, wear-tear leather jackets prove the subculture of the punk lifestyle. Whether you are heading to a pop concert. Need a Gothic or a punk biker look. Punk leather jacket outfits are always in style. There are many ways to wear them in different ways according to your personality and style.

Whatever your personal style, occasion or reason, it's pretty cool to walk around in a leather jacket. Your friends will be jealous and you'll look super awesome.

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