Why You Need A Genuine Quilted Leather Jacket For Men and Women

Why You Need A Genuine Quilted Leather Jacket For Men and Women


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Let's be honest: a good genuine quilted leather jacket is an essential style staple for fall and winter. It provides style without being too flashy, has a function with style in mind. This style of coat is essential as it can provide cover from the cold but also be aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Different types of leather suit different styles, so you will have to decide which type works best with your style!

Full-grain or top-grain are high-quality leathers that give the most durability and style, while suede tends to come with a unique texture and a luxurious look. Goatskin and lambskin are both more comfortable than full-grain but not as long-lasting as full-grain leather jackets.


As the cold weather approaches, it's time to start thinking about layering up to keep warm. A genuine quilted leather jacket is a great piece to build your fall and winter cold-weather wardrobe around. These jackets are stylish, functional, and durable enough for years of use. There are many reasons reasons reasons why a genuine leather jacket is a wardrobe essential in fall and winter:

Provides style


When you're buying a leather jacket for style, think sophistication. This 3/4-length style is classic chic with its princess seams that create an hourglass shape in the front and back. This style also has an attached belt, so you can give yourself curves without adding bulk with layers or extra clothing underneath your jacket.

Provides function


This style provides warmth thanks to its thick skin and quilted material, which keeps out windy conditions simultaneously. It's made with 100% sheepskin leather, which is soft to the touch and durable enough to wear all winter long. The style is updated with a removable belt, zip front closure, and slit pockets.

Works well with jeans


When you're shopping for a leather jacket, make sure it works well with your style. Customers have applauded this style because of its versatility. They appreciate how easy it is to dress up or down, depending on their style choice. Pair this style over dark denim jeans or leggings for a versatile style all fall and winter long.

Add edge to any outfit


One of the reasons women love genuine leather jackets so much is that they add instant style to any style. The style of this jacket is the perfect way to add edge to your style because it features studs, neckties, and supple leather that will keep you looking stylish. Pair with a simple tank top and skinny jeans for an effortless style.

Keeps its shape


One of the complaints about buying lower-end jackets made from inferior materials is losing their shape over time. Genuine leather jackets hold their style through all seasons because of how durable the material is. Made from 100% sheepskin leather, this style is designed to last years without losing its shape or style.


There are dozens of styles of leather jackets out there, so it may be overwhelming to decide which style you want, but here are common types of leather jackets and their style.

    • Goatskin Jacket style

In my opinion, leather coats generally work extraordinarily well with any style, but the casual look allows the coat to shine with its simplicity. A good pair of denim jeans or slacks along with a button-up shirt or dress makes this jacket look very stylish and even a bit dressy.

    • Lambskin Jacket style

The style is similar to the goatskin jacket, but the style may be slightly different. The biggest difference between this type of leather coat and the previous one is that it has a shearling collar, making it more formal and business-like for those who need to look professional.

    • Bomber Jacket style

Bomber jackets are cropped at the waist, which makes them shorter than most other leather jackets. The beautiful thing about this style is that it can be worn with almost any type of clothing but will look best with street-style clothes.

    • Flight Jacket style

This jacket looks intimidating in all black but has its classy undertone once you take a closer look. A light jacket is usually made of goatskin or horsehide leather for style, durability, and insulation.

    • Moto Leather Jacket style

All-Season, A moto leather jacket, is a favorite because it adds a bit more edge to your style with unique features like asymmetrical zippers or shoulder epaulets fastened by snap buttons.


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