How to Get a Custom-Made Special Genuine Leather Jacket

How to Get a Custom-Made Special Genuine Leather Jacket


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A leather jacket is definitely a wardrobe essential for men and women. It’s easy to wear and style in Fall and Winter, even in Spring. The most important thing is that once you have a super staple piece of leather jacket, you can wear it for decades and won’t be out of fashion. A classic or a fashion leather jacket would be awesome to style a cool and chic style.

Many customers asked about how to get a custom-made leather jacket. What the process and what I can design for my own special leather jacket. Some people just want to add a pocket or remove the hardware or something that is simple to solve. Today we are going to talk about an actual custom-made process and show you the beautiful final leather jacket work.


Choose the Jacket

Firstly, we want to get the style of leather jacket that you want. PalaLeather has multiple styles of leather jacket like Motorcycle jacket, Bomber jacket, Blazers & Trenches, Baseball jacket and others. You can choose any style you like and order in custom size with your measurements fill in the chart. You can click here to check how to measure the jacket size for yourself.

Here is one thing we need to know, PalaLeather accepts full custom-made leather jackets for wholesale amounts which means we can make designed leather in paper come true but we may need amounts on the jackets. However, a design change on our existing leather jacket is available every time. Always welcome to contact us for a special jacket.


Also, the patches, embroidery and zippers that you think are cool on our brand site that you can get them custom on your jacket. The craftsmanship of everything won’t disappoint you.

Contact Us

Once the style is decided, contact us through email or phone call. Send the jacket pictures and explain your request detailly, we will reply ASAP. If you are confused or just don’t know which one to choose, the guide can help you with anything you want to try.


For example, we got a special customer who wanted to change the back pattern with all the stars and a beautiful riveted sky. The original one has a flag and stars on the back which also look super chic. Our customer wanted something special and suitable for him to style so we got a quick sketch from our customer and discussed our design apartment.

Design Illustration

This is a totally cool design and our design department started to design the jacket and make the jacket illustration immediately. Based on the sketch and advice from our designer, we get a final look which was really amazing and the customers were super satisfied about the final look.


PalaLeather specializes in making the 2D design jacket into a real 3D leather jacket with almost exactly the same design on illustration. We provide custom-made services on size, style, pattern, embroidery, hardware, etc. If you want to get a special jacket for yourself or as a gift, we can make that come true.

A made-to-measure genuine leather jacket with your special sign is also available.

Jacket Manufacturing

Once the design illustration approved by our customer, then we will start manufacturing the custom leather jacket. 100% handmade craftsmanship and only use genuine leather jackets just to get one high quality leather jacket.

This is the part PalaLeather is proud of which you can just trust the skilled craftsman who have decades of experience of luxury leather making craftsmanship. Quality is the most important thing for us. A good quality leather jacket can make you just look different from top to toe just with a simple shirt and jeans.


Get on time processing with the manufacturer, if you want to, we can also embroidery your name on the jacket for free.

Final Look

Here we got the final images of this custom-made jacket and sent pictures to our customers. At this stage, the whole look would be difficult to change and redesign. We recommend customers to give as much as information about your perspective about the jacket at the very first contacting stage so we can try our best to get what you want.


We provide all sides of jacket images and details in case you want to see more details and feel the quality of this beautiful jacket.

Last but not least, a good leather jacket should be both quality and stylish. When we are purchasing a leather jacket, you can check our ultimate guide about how to get a perfect leather jacket. Hope this will help you.

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