How Long will A Leather Jacket Last

How Long will A Leather Jacket Last


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Most people want to know how long a leather jacket can last. Either before they buy it or after. Genuine leather jackets can last more than a lifetime. If you cannot use your jacket anymore, then there is a big possibility that your jacket is faux. Maybe you have been deceived by a seller and did not know what you were buying. There are five factors can affect the lifespan of your leather jacket.

The quality of the leather

different quality of leather

Different types of leather have different lifespans. Not every kind is as durable as the other.


This is the best type of leather you can get on the market. The quality of this leather can last decades if you take care of it properly. This hidden part comes from below the hair and has not been sanded, buffed, or shaved.

This means that this leather has the most natural characteristics. This is why full-grain leather is used in many jackets and top-quality leather accessories.


This is the second-highest-quality leather. This type of leather is mainly used in handbags, and it is called a top grain because the very top layer of leather is sanded, buffed, or shaved. This allows the leather to be softer and flexible, but it is not as durable as full-grain. Nevertheless, the leather quality is perfect for a leather jacket if you take the proper precautions to take care of it.

Genuine leather

Genuine leather is one of the lowest quality leathers you can buy. But at least it is “genuine leather.” This type of leather is mainly found in belts or very low-quality shoes. But not as much in leather jackets.

It does not look as good as the other higher-quality competitors or last as long. This is made from the leftovers of the trips from high-quality leathers. It is several layers of low-quality leather bonded together with glue.

Bonded leather

This is the lowest quality leather you can get on the market. It is made from scraps and leftovers, almost like genuine leather but even lower quality. Only fake Leather jackets are made from bonded leather. This type of leather will not last long at all, and the leather color is not great.

You should be sure what type of leather jacket you buy. This can affect how it looks, feels, and how long it will last. Never buy a leather jacket from a second-hand store with a bad reputation because you will get scammed.

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Animal hide

different animal hide

Before buying any leather jacket, look at the label to see what kind of animal hide it is made from. Unfortunately, the different types of hides are not equal in durability and look.


Cowhide is the most durable and thickest amongst them all. When it comes to cowhide, the stretchability is close to none. The insulation (ability to keep you warm) is very high, although it is not a very soft leather. This leather type is an excellent choice for a jacket and will last you long.

Goatskin vs. Cowhide

Cowhide is constructed of five layers. Each layer has been meticulously sewn together to produce an equal thickness and a more dense fabric overall. Cowhide's stiffness comes from this, and it's also why it's so light.

On the other hand, Goatskin is fashioned from a single piece of leather that has been stretched and cut by hand for strength. The leather is still alive during the cutting process, providing flexibility and strength.

Sheepskin vs. goatskin

To begin with, goatskin is more robust and resistant than sheepskin, but it lacks the softness of sheepskin. Sheepskin has more flexibility than goatskin. Goatskin is somewhat heavier than sheepskin in terms of softness and weight, but sheepskin is significantly softer.

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Lambskin vs. goatskin

Goatskin is harder and rougher than lambskin. They are connected, though, since goatskin and lambskin have similar flexibility qualities. Goatskin is thicker than lambskin and provides insulation better insulation. Lambskin is superior to goatskin.

The type of animal hide is essential when it comes to how long the leather jacket will last. The cowhide will last the longest, but it is not the softest. All the more delicate skins are not as durable. You need to know what you want and choose between durability and comfort.

How often you wear it

wear a leather jacket

Like everything in life, if you use it too much or too often, it gets worn out easily. The essential factor is how often you wear your jacket. If you're a busy man who wears his jacket a lot, you should invest in extra high-quality coats that will last longer. If you're not careful, low-quality coats can simply break and fade.

Taking care of it

take care of your leather jacket

If you are a careless person, your leather jacket will suffer since it is a delicate piece of clothing that requires extreme care. Concentrate on your jacket and keep it in good condition by regularly washing it with a gently moist towel and avoiding getting it wet. Avoid sharp or abrasive items that might damage or tear the jacket.

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Where you store your jacket

store your leather jacket in the wardrobe

Consider these factors if you have a high-quality leather jacket that you want to store after the winter season.

  • Clean it thoroughly from the exterior as well as the interior.
  • To get rid of the odor, let it out in the open for 6-8 hours.
  • Make sure your jacket is neatly folded.
  • When storing the jacket, use breathable cotton bags and never put leather items in plastic bags.
  • Keep leather in a low-humidity environment since it tends to absorb moisture, ruining the jacket if left for an extended period.
  • Check the jacket regularly, such as once a month, to ensure it is in good condition.

How to increase the lifetime of a leather jacket?

  • When necessary, clean it.
  • Conditioners, lotions, and polish are also available to improve the jacket's appearance.
  • To avoid cracks, apply leather oil to the surface.
  • Avoid long periods of exposure to the sun and fire and sharp metallic items.
  • To keep its form and quality, put it on a wooden hanger.
  • Protector Sprays, also known as water-proof sprays, strengthen the surface of the jacket, preventing it from fading and deteriorating.
  • At least once every 4-6 months, wash the jacket.

In conclusion

In summary, first, you must get a genuine leather product, whether it is a short or long leather jacket, and second, you must use and care for it properly. Third, keep it clean by applying conditioners, polish, and oil, among other things. Finally, wear it when you want to experiment with different jacket styles. Read about 5 leather jacket styles to suit every situation.

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