How to Style a Leather Jacket in 2022

How to Style a Leather Jacket in 2022


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The use of leather jackets dates back to the early 19th century. During this period, it was worn by military personnel and aviators. The use of this apparel gained more prominence among this population group, with the advent of bomber jackets during World War II. It is noteworthy, that during these periods, those who wear leather jackets wore them as protective gear rather than as clothing pieces for any other reasons.

Fast forward…

Moving further to the 20th century, this clothing piece became a fashion item that found its way into the wardrobes of many. Wearing this highly fashionable clothing item in this period was an indication that one is a ‘cool’ and very stylish person. That is why its use was popular among pops and movie stars.


Now, you may want to ask, are leather Jackets outdated in 2022? Not only are they in style but these clothing pieces have become a wardrobe essential, winning their way into the wardrobes of many due to their versatility.

In 2022, instead of these clothing pieces going out of fashion, they have soon become clothing pieces with multiple-use, bringing multiple styling outcomes. Who would have thought that leather jackets could be worn to a formal event?

Yes! The modern fashion scene made that possible. In this article, we would be exploring various styling options for your leather jackets that are in vogue, both for men and for women.

Before I take you through my fashion advice, let me put it to you that you just can’t go out styling any and every kind of leather jacket as not all leather jacket types are in Vogue. Do check out leather jackets that are in style for men and also for women.

Now, to the very reason you opened this article first place...

Leather Jacket Styles for Women in 2022

Leather jackets can be combined with different clothing pieces to produce the perfect style in fashion. Some suggestions are given below:

Simple lady

simple lady leather jacket style

Combine your leather jacket, preferably a biker’s, together with a simply girl-style skimpy white dress, boyfriend jeans, and light make-up. For accessories, a small chain bag or a shoulder bag would do just fine with a slip-on or a simple black sneaker.

Any combination is fine. Remember, 'simple' never goes out of fashion! This style would suit perfectly if you are going for 'girly and simple'.


schoolgril leather jacket style

Wearing a plaid or check mini-skirt works wonders when one seeks to look achieve the schoolgirl look. Wear a body hug white or black polo or better still, a white button-up shirt together with a schoolgirl flayed plaid or check mini-skirt, then top with an oversized black leather blazer – bombers would work too. accessorize with a shoulder bag.

For your foot, a pair of clogs or simple gladiator sandals can be worn. You can wear on a pair of shades to leave ‘them’ in awe of you.

Statement lady

statement lady leather jacket style

You can use your leather jacket to make a statement, the idea here is to wear your leather jacket together with a statement piece. It doesn’t matter which piece it is. It may be your earrings, your necklace, your dress or even your shoes.

The options here are inexhaustive. I’d suggest a few. You can wear your leather jacket on a long dress, wear a statement necklace with this combination to make your outfit stand out.

For your legs, any 6-inch (or less than 6-inch) heels will do just fine – I’d suggest you go for Mary Janes or T-straps. In another instance, you can go for statement shoes – just your jacket and shoes making the statement. Wear a long leather trench coat and any of the trending statement shoes, there are so many options to pick from here. You can do sneakers (e.g., runner sneakers, low-tops etc.) or boots (e.g., thigh-high boots). Wear a pair of shades with this combo, you’d look like the boss lady you are.

‘Leathered-up’ woman

leather up lady style

Another 2022 inspired style is leather-up. Wear your leather jacket with leather pants. Do not forget leather shoes, obviously, and bags too. All but one of your clothing pieces (the bag preferably) should be black, so as to tone down on the black. You can also wear black leather shoes, pants and bags with a coloured jacket. You will still look classic.

Leather Jackets Styles for Men in 2022

Just like women, there are inexhaustible style combinations for men in 2022. Here are a few leather jacket styling ideas from 2022.

Simple guy

simple leather jacket fashion style

I’d say this over and over again, less is always more. Simple never goes out of fashion. The simple guys’ leather jacket style is to wear it on a grey or white plain T-shirt, together with a pair of blue jeans and a shoe with flat soles, preferably a simple white pair of sneakers. The good thing with this combo is that it can pass for casual. A black leather bikers jacket would be the perfect leather style for this combo.

Classy man

Which clothing piece is popular in 2022 and yet classic? A turtleneck. Yes! Turtlenecks are trendy in the 2022 fashion scene. What’s more exciting is that they can wear it together with a leather jacket and look even classier.

Wear your coloured turtleneck, preferably grey or brown shade together with a black leather bikers jacket. This can be combined with blue or black jeans – slightly ripped jean won’t hurt the intent. Brogues or other formal-presenting footwear can be worn with this outfit. Alternatively, a coloured leather biker’s jacket can be worn with a black turtleneck.

Statement guy

statement leather jacket style

Yunno, making a statement with your outfit is not just a lady thing, men too can do that. From the fashion books of 2022 , it has been discovered that bold colours are trending for guys. Bright colours like red, baby pink, and light brown walked the men’s walkway in 2022 fashion scene.

These colour ideas too are being incorporated into leather jacket styling. Wear a red, green or light brown moto jacket with embellishments together with all black clothing pieces. The idea here is to make everyone focus on the jacket so every other piece should be of a neutral colour, preferably black.

The ‘new normal’ style

Short is the new normal for guys and this trend doesn’t seem like one that would go out of fashion anytime soon. Shorts and leather bikers’ jackets are a perfect match. This combo will make you look like a modern man – a man from 2022.


Now you know the leather jacket is still in vogue and that there are perfect. styles to be rocked with it in 2022 what is left is for you to pick your style and rock.

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